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Description: Based in London, Uxbridge is an outstanding college rated by ofsted. The £6.3m Institute is tailor-made for teaching practical skills in high-demand industries including transport, manufacturing, electronic and mechanical engineering and ICT specialists. Uxbridge College trains students to the standards local industry demands.


Looks nice!

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Looks wonderful. I am sure the students would be pretty amazing here too.

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byDannyK on December 12, 2011
Very clear and well organized site.
byuaintgotthisid on November 27, 2011
Looks nice, very professional. It's a shame that Moodle isn't bridged somehow to fit the template, but that's probably because it was outside the remit of the person making the site. I clicked onto the Moodle link and it did make me laugh that they are apologising to the students for the smell! Apparently some work took place on a nearby drain pipe which has gone wrong.
bymattcowan on November 27, 2011
It is refreshing to see a well designed college website because so many are horrible. There is always so much information to organize, this site does a good job with it, but I do have a concern here that on smaller screens some of the drop-down menus may be cut off on :hover.

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