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Description: Unframe - Photo Essay Magazine. Exhibitions, articles and discussion forum. Showcase of hand-picked reportages by emerging and affirmed photographers and artists.Case Study: These are 2 installations of Joomla!, one for language. There are few extension installed, Xmap and Place-here, rok slideshow and some mootools scripts (that take advantage of the already included 1.1 library in J!).

Galleries are provided with a plugin to "turn lights on & off". It has been written by me and I use it extensively. There are other small plugins I made all them available for download.

There is a lot of customization work in template (it is a commercial one, but heavily changed and original html has been completely overrided with new tableless code) , search is built with ajax google api custom search.

The forum is phpbb3 styled to match J! style layout. Authentication is provided through Jfusion.

I hope you like it. For any question about the construction of this site I reply in the forum


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byhuangshulangxp on January 9, 2011
i like it
bymarcoml on August 29, 2009
events and reportages from a non usual point of view. also available in English: It's required viewing;)

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