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Description: Since its founding in 1984, the Contemporary Jewish Museum has engaged audiences of all ages and backgrounds through dynamic exhibitions and programs that explore contemporary perspectives on Jewish culture, history, art, and ideas. Throughout its history, the Museum has distinguished itself as a welcoming place where visitors can connect with one another through dialogue and shared experiences with the arts.Case Study: The site uses a standard Joomla install plus a few extra components, including integration with Constant Contact. Components include:

com_ccevents- A custom events/calendaring component
com_pressroom- A custom press room component
com_jomcomment- A comment component
com_mailto_ext- A custom email-to-a-friend component


byafp on August 25, 2012
Is this calendar component available through the extensions?

In any case, love the look of the site. Clean, professional. My only issue, is while the menu transitions are smooth, I'd like them to be a little snappier/faster.
I really like the thumbnail to content transition. Many times joomla thumbnail options suck but what you have setup makes your content presentation nice.

I'm not real sure if some of the javascript things such as menu are worth the lag time and robotic page load feel I sometimes experienced.
bywszabopeter on April 19, 2009
It's a great design, and nice, easy to navigate site. The only thing I would love changed is the background. It's now only 1777px wide, and in my 1920px wide screen two vertical light blue stripes can be seen. Not a big deal, but since 1920px width is getting more and more common, I guess it's worth that 5 minutes fixing.
But then again the site is great, and everything else is superb.
bycreativesights on April 13, 2009
Great Site! Easy to read and navigate with great unique graphics.

I really like the menu, slick and pretty, but easy to use. How did you get that to come together so well?

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