The Joomla! Community Showcase ™

Showcase Guidelines

Showcase Rules for Inclusion

The Joomla Site Showcase is a free service provided for the Joomla community to show off the power and extensibility of Joomla. Any person or company is welcome to submit their site for inclusion in the showcase. There are some basic rules that all sites must comply with in order to qualify for inclusion in the showcase. Failure to comply may result in removal from the showcase. By submitting a resource or a review to the Joomla Site Showcase, you agree to be bound by these rules.

1. Sites may not contain content of an adult or sexually explicit nature.

2. Sites may not be promoting or engaging in illegal activities.

3. Site links must be directly to the main page of the site, not a redirect or an alternative URL. Sites on a subdomain (e.g. will usually not be accepted. They may be rejected if the primary domain can't be verified or looks suspicious. They will evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

4. Sites may not imply in any way that inclusion in the Joomla Site Showcase constitutes endorsement by Joomla or Open Source Matters.

5. Sites can be in any language but content including site descriptions, case studies, and other information must be in English.

6. Sites must comply with Open Source Matters' trademark policies.

7. Sites promoting ideological, religious, or political matters may contain material considered offensive to some and may not be acceptable for inclusion.

8. Sites must have a primary focus on the category they are added to. For example, if you submit a site in the Blog category, the site must be primarily a blog. We will review the category for each submission, but choose the one that best fits.

9. Submit full-size screenshots for your entries with the browser chrome cropped out (at least 500px by 500px). Our system will automatically create thumbnails. If your page is over 1000px in height, it's acceptable to crop it to that height.

10. Sites promoting or selling Joomla extensions, templates, or services (including hosting services and JUGs) will not be included. The Joomla Resource Directory will be the place for those types of sites.

11. Showcase home site links must be to the site that is most relevant to the resource. Links must not result in redirection to an alternative URL. 

12. Sites with too much Google Adsense will be rejected. This is at the sole discretion of the Joomla Site Showcase Team.

13. You must have permission from the site owner. If you're a site owner and you don't want your site in the showcase, read the section below about how to request removal.

Inclusion in the Joomla Site Showcase is a privilege, not a right, and any site may be removed at any time for any reason. Remember, we will only accept sites that showcase Joomla well. Self-promotion is acceptable but abuse of this by either flooding the showcase with entries or other means may be grounds for removal. If you develop Joomla sites, we recommend you submit no more than 10 sites per month or you may be red-flagged. We reserve the right to update or modify these guidelines at any time without any notice.

To submit your site, navigate to the category where you think your site best fits and click the Add Your Site Here near the top right. Don't forget to include a at least one full size image of the site, preferably with browser chrome cropped out.

Still are confused about something or have a question? Visit the Sites & Infrastructure Forum.

Site Comments and Ratings

Comments and ratings are an evaluation of the quality of the site. Praise, difficulties, or comparisons with other sites are all valid subjects of comments. The following are comment and rating rules:

1. Comments and ratings must be honest, unsolicited, and uncompensated.

2. Please be respectful in your comments and avoid offensive language.

3. A user account may only vote once per site. It is not allowed for a any person to solely rate any site to artificially inflate the rating or rating count. 

4. You may not have more than one account on the Joomla Site Showcase.

5. Comments must be in English.

6. You may not have more than one vote on any submission from a single company or IP. Enlisting multiple people, employees from the same IP address will have their accounts removed.

7. Advertising or self promotion, by creating unnecessary links to personal/business sites, shouldn't be part of a comment. 

8. Any comments are the opinions of the respective authors and not of Open Source Matters.

9. Acceptance or rejection of reviews is at the sole discretion of the Joomla Site Showcase team and they reserve the right  to remove a written review at any time after it has been put online. 

We reserve the right to edit or moderate all reviews to make sure their content is appropriate for publication on the Joomla Site Showcase.


Request Removal of a Site

If you are the owner of a site listed in the showcase and you want it removed, send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to request removal. You must provide the following information to verify you are the owner:

Full name


Phone number

URL to remove

Reason for removal

Once your information has been verified, your site will be removed. Only site owners may request removal.


Ownership of Copyrights and Intellectual Property

You acknowledge that Open Source Matters or its content providers, own the copyright and all other intellectual property rights to the materials and reviews in the Showcase unless otherwise expressly indicated. You agree not to copy, reproduce, download, disseminate, publish, or transfer content in any form or by any means, except with our prior written permission. You further agree not to collect any information from the Showcase using automated means (e.g., spiders or scraping).


By providing content for the Showcase or a comment, you grant Open Source Matters a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive and limited license to reproduce, edit, publish, translate, and distribute in any medium whatsoever. You represent and warrant that: (a) you are the author of such content or review and have the right to grant this license; and (b) the content or review does not infringe any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary right of any other party.



Submitted showcase listings that violate one or more of the standards listed above will not be considered for inclusion in the Joomla Site Showcase. Inclusion is at the sole discretion of the showcase team and Open Source Matters.
We also reserve the right, but not the obligation, to monitor the content of the Joomla Site Showcase to determine compliance with our rules. Any published listing that is found to be in conflict with the rules, as determined by Open Source Matters in its sole discretion, will:
1) Be immediately deactivated (unpublished).
2) Owner will be informed of the reason and allowed 14 days to either rectify the problem or request removal from the showcase.  We reserve the right to permanently remove any listing that is still in conflict with the rules as determined in our sole discretion.

If the editors attempt to contact the owners of a submission or listed firm and no reply is received in 14 days, the resource will be permanently removed from the Joomla Site Showcase.



Unless required by law, no personal information from Joomla! Resources Directory members be shared with third parties, unless this is the direct wish of said member. Open Source Matters will divulge any information collected from you when required to do so by law. In the event that Open Source Matters or substantially all of its assets are acquired, your information will of course be one of the transferred assets.