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Amy Stephen

Joomla! Communications Team and Magazine Editor

Amy Stephen has 25 years in Information Technology, specializing in Web development and data warehousing. She discovered Joomla! in November 2005 when looking for software for her daughter's high school Web team. She was so impressed that such rich technology would be liberally shared that she started helping in the Joomla! forums and contributes her own extensions. Currently, Amy is on the Joomla! Communications Team, (tries to) help the Bug Squad, and "mentors" Shannon Quinn, a very cool and promising GSoC student working on the Open Social integration for Joomla! 1.5 project. Amy is also helping as the editor for the Joomla! Community Magazine, so, please don't run away if she contacts you. :)

  • Email amy.stephen AT community DOT joomla DOT org