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David Umlauf

I originally went to school for photographer mostly because I thought I could make money doing it. My uncle is a freelance photographer who makes a good living; kids, wife, big house, pool, solar panels, the whole nine. I thought if he could do it I could do it.

When I started school and got serious about what I was doing I had my first class in Photoshop. This was my favorite class by far. I realized there was amazing things going on that I didn't know about. I had an extremely enthusiastic teacher named Troy Sayers who whoo hooed! whenever you completed a path with the pen tool. This is where I focused most of my energy and discovered my passion.

It seemed necessary for all photographers to have a Web site with a portfolio and a resume. I took two night classes at Moore College of Art in Web design and Dreamweaver. I had another great teacher and learned the basics of Web design. At the end of the class, I completed my first Dreamweaver Web site. All the photography students began coming to me for their portfolio websites and I discovered a demand larger than the need for my photography.

When I got out of school I got a job at a novelty gift company that makes a lot of the low brow copy based products that are sold at stores like Spencer Gifts. The job didn't pay enough so I continued doing freelance Web design. After watching Revolution OS and becoming intrigued with Richard Stallman and open source software I began researching all the different types. This is how I came to meet my new friend, Joomla!

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