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2008-09 Joomla! Community Magazine

Wilco Jansen opened the September Joomla! 3rd Birthday issue by sharing great extensions now available from the Google Summer of Code 2008. Chris Davenport introduced Joomla!'s Mission, Values, and Vision while Alan Langford introduced the Joomla! Security Strike Team. Site developer, David Umlaf, showed off his very cool Philly Roller Girls Web site. Internationally, from Cape Verde to Brasil, people are using and talking about Joomla!. Chris Szabo is ranting about J! (or is he?) and Dion Hinchcliffe of ZDNet declares Joomla! the #1 platform for creating online communities.

Wow! Wasn't this a great month of learning material? Russ Winter kicked off his regular column designed to help the community take care of their Web sites. If you are looking to build a community site, check out Kevin Devine's article Extending the User Object. Arno Zijlstra shared a starter template package and secrets to working with Module Chrome. Casey Lee, another well known designer, shared professional techniques for adding styling parameters to articles. Google charts, anyone? Rob Schley shows you how. Finally, Hannes Papenberg adds Terms of Use Acceptance process to normal Joomla!'s Registration. That ought to keep us learning for awhile.



  • International: Cape Verde - e-Governance, Society and Joomla!

    Putting Joomla! to good use around the world

    by Lorenzo Garcia
    Cape Verde

    Lorenzo Garcia is researching the use of Joomla! around the world to learn how well Joomla! and other open source solutions are accepted. Today, he shares findings from Cape Verde where e-Governance solutions and Web technologies have helped to usher in progress for developing nations.

  • Event: Joomla! Day Brasil 2008

    Joomla!'s GSoC Student, Flavio Kubota, shares his experience presenting

    by Flavio Kubota
    Flavio Kubota

    Joomla!'s Google Summer of Code student, Flavio Kubota shares the results of the Joomla! Day Brasil 2008 held this past August 16, 2008. The event held in São Paulo was very successful with over 120 participants in attendance. Eight speakers representing business and government shared Joomla! implementation and development talks.

  • ZDNet ranks Joomla! first for online communities

    Ten leading platforms for creating online communities

    by Amy Stephen

    Dion Hinchcliffe declared Joomla! the number 1 platform for creating online communities in his ZDNet article Ten leading platforms for creating online communities.

  • Top 5 Drawbacks of Joomla!

    With tongue placed firmly in cheek, Chris Szabo rants about Joomla!

    by Chris Szabo
    Chris Szabo

    "When it comes to CMS solutions, some things are just plain obvious - here are five ways Joomla! falls down again and again."

    Now, read on as author Chris Szabo makes five rock solid points regarding the drawbacks of using Joomla!.


  • Joomla! 1.5 and the Million Dollar Wedding

    Joomla!, quick, rapid, fast, speedy and custom

    by Arno Zijlstra
    Arno Zijlstra

    Joomla! developer and designer Arno Zijlstra had no clue his niece, a contestant on The Million Dollar Wedding, would call and ask for a beautiful Web site, right away! In this tutorial, Arno shares his standard approach and "starter template package" that help him quickly develop fabulous, standards compliant, custom designs, one right after the other.

  • Migrating rhuk SolarFlare II into Joomla! 1.5

    To Infinity and Beyond!

    by Harry Reinhardt
    rhuk SolarFlare

    HarryB is a long time Mambo and Joomla! community member who has helped out over the years. In this tutorial, he uses the classic rhuk SolarFlare II template to detail the steps needed to migrate a Joomla! 1.0.x template into 1.5. Thanks Andy Miller for the SolarFlare and to HarryB for making certain we don't leave good friends behind. To Download or find Support.

  • Extending the User Object in Joomla! 1.5

    How to easily add additional data elements for Users

    by Kevin Devine
    Kevin Devine

    Kevin Devine is the author of a system plugin for Joomla! 1.5 called Usermeta. This plugin makes it easier for users/developers to extend the user parameters. We asked that Kevin share some of the details behind this plugin so that others might learn how to take advantage of this capability.

  • Add Styling Parameters for Joomla! 1.5 Articles Titles

    So, what do the pro's do to get cool effects?

    by Casey Lee
    Casey Lee

    Casey Lee, long-term Joomla! community member and incredible design talent, shares a professional technique with lots of potential. In this tutorial, Casey shows how to add a parameter to Joomla! 1.5 Menu Types to create a unique style for Article Titles that can vary for each menu item. Learning this can open a new world of creativity.

  • Add Acceptance Terms to the Joomla! 1.5 Registration

    Hannes shows how he created HP Registration

    by Hannes Papenberg
    Hannes Papenberg

    Joomla! developer Hannes Papenberg demonstrates how to use Template Overrides, an existing extension, and a bit of code to customize a "Terms of Use" acceptance for registration. HP Registration is now on the Joomla! Extensions Directory and downloadable from Joomlacode.

  • Untapped Potential with Joomla! Module Chrome

    Arno Zijlstra reveals Joomla! 1.5 Designer Secrets

    by Arno Zijlstra
    Module Chrome

    With all this talk about Google Chrome recently, Arno Zijlstra decided it is time to take a moment to explain for us how to use "Module Chrome" with Joomla! v 1.5. If you have not used capability, yet, now's the time. It's pretty powerful stuff - way cool!

  • Fun with Google Charts

    Re-use Rob's GPL-ed JavaScript to easily create Google Charts

    by Rob Schley
    Google Chart

    Joomla! developer and Open Source Matters Board Member, Rob Schley, shares a step by step tutorial describing how to use Google Charts in your Joomla! Web site. This article was reprinted, with Rob's permission from Webimagery.

  • Works as designed, but not necessarily as expected...

    (for those non-Australian's out there, translate to; “Gee... It didn't do what I thought it would...")

    by Russell Winter
    Russ Winter

    When I was first approached to write an article for the Joomla! magazine, my first thoughts were that of panic..... OMG... my ramblings would now need to actually make some sort of sense. Then the reality set in, jeeeesh, I had already agreed, you know how hard Amy and Elin are to say no to. Now what am I am going to write about, that might be vaguely interesting or useful?


  • Happy Third Birthday, Joomla!

    Pictures of the Joomla! Core Team and OSM Board, then and now

    by Amy Stephen
    Joomla! Core and Open Source Matters Board 2005
    Joomla! Core and Open Source Matters Board 2008

    It takes an entire community of people working hard all over the world to make a project like Joomla thrive. If you help write documentation, answer questions in the forums, report, patch or test bugs, share GPL-compliant extensions on the Joomla! Extension Directory, write core code, create translation files, run a Joomla! User Group, organize Joomla! Day events or participate as an active member in a Joomla! Working Group, then you are an important part of making Joomla! available to the world.

  • Joomla! Mission, Values and Vision

    Foundations for the project

    by Chris Davenport

    On this, Joomla!'s third birthday, Chris Davenport, Joomla! Core Team member announced the completion of important statements of the Mission, Vision and Values for the project. These foundation principles help to guide project decisions and inform the strategy for taking the project forward.

  • Introducing JSST: The Joomla! Security Strike Team

    Joomla! is serious about security.

    by Alan Langford
    Alan Langford

    Alan Langford, member of the newly formed Joomla! Security Strike Team, introduces the team's purpose and goals and shares what we can do to help.