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  • The new Joomla! Shop is looking for creative minds to design new Joomla! items.

    In the Joomla! Community there is a constant and urgent need for capable designers that can contribute their creativity and colourful skills to create beautiful...

  • JUG team seeks new Team Lead

    The Joomla User Group (JUG) team is a vital part of our community, ensuring that our passionate community members can connect with other people living...

  • Thank You Jessica Dunbar!!

    On 30 December 2015, Jessica Dunbar announced her retirement from the Joomla Project. She has found a new opportunity with Concrete5 as a Technology Evangelist. Jessica,...

  • Happy Holidays !

    Happy Holidays to all Joomlers around the world ! It has been a great year for Joomla! and I would like to Thank all of you...

  • Welcome Elisa, Lead Designer!

    We welcome Elisa Foltyn to the Marketing Working Group as Lead Designer. Elisa is 32 years old from Nuremberg in Germany. At the beginning of her...

  • Thank You Chiara Aliotta!!

      Thank You Chiara for all the beauty you’ve brought to our community! Chiara joined the Marketing Working Group in 2012 and took on the role...

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