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Watch the Joomla 3 Template and Overrides Webinar

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Last week we completed the Joomla 3 Intermediate class.

In that class, Rod takes us through the process of building a complete Joomla site.

The final part lessons in the class cover design, using the Breeze template

After the class launched, Rod held a webinar with Valentin, the designer of Breeze. This is a great introduction to Joomla templates and overrides.

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Creating Joomla Macros with RokCandy from RocketTheme

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Macros are really useful, whether you're writing a document, a spreadsheet or a website. Put simply, a macro is a shortcut to a task you do repeatedly.

RokCandy is an elegant way to create macros in Joomla.

We're going to show you some examples of what's possible with RokCandy, including adding font icons to our new Breeze template.

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8 Ways To Manage Joomla Hassle-Free: Webinar

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We recently did a guest webinar for Siteground called, "8 Ways To Manage Joomla Hassle-Free".

We showed how to set up your Joomla admin area for the easiest possible management.

We'll also introduced some of the newest features in Joomla that will make your website life much, much simpler.

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The Wright Template Framework for Joomla

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In previous tutorials we've covered other Joomla template frameworks: Gantry from Rockettheme and T3 from JoomlArt.

In asking around the OSTraining roundtable about other frameworks, one that was consistently mentioned was the Wright framework from JoomlaShack.

This tutorial will cover the installation and overview of Wright.

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Joomla! 3: a different layout or style for the front page

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In the last years, web site front pages left their specifity giving way to a look similar to other pages. According to TheNextWeb article on web design trends for 2014, it seems that hero pages are one of the most common features in new websites, requiring a front page slightly different from the others.

Let's see how we can accoomplish this work in Joomla!

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Joomla Content Editor Profiles

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Joomla Content Editor (JCE) is one of the top 5 Joomla extensions ever.

First launched in 2006, JCE is a powerful WYSIWYG editor and remains the best way to create Joomla content.

One of the most useful, but rarely used features in JCE is profiles.

Profiles allows you to present different editing options to different users and even on different devices. 

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Bluehost Will Remove All Joomla 1.5 Users

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This week several of our members received an email from Bluehost.

Bluehost are telling all of their customer on Joomla 1.5 that they'll be suspended if they don't upgrade.

All in all, it was a messy and confusing email. They seem to confuse Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 and they also seemed to say that they'd forcibly migrate users.

First we'll show the email, then we'll post our recommended solutions.

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The Best 6 Real Estate Extensions for Joomla

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With more home hunters than ever turning to the internet to find their next property purchase, estate agency websites are flourishing.

With an array of easy-to-use Joomla extensions, setting up your own Real Estate website is budget and brain friendly.

But which extension is the right one for your business?

This guide will walk you through the top 6 Joomla Real Estate extensions currently...

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Joomla 3 Post-Installation Messages

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Joomla 3.2 was packaged with a lot of great features. If you're looking for a full list of the main features of 3.2, click here.

One of the ones that we'll highlight today is the Post-installation Messages feature. This is Joomla's way of letting you know important information that needs your attention after upgrading (or installing Joomla for the first time). 

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Test Joomla Upgrades Before Updating Your Live Site

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It is common for people to update their sites before testing to see if anything will break.

However, although this is common, it definitely isn't wise. We always recommend that you test your updates before applying them, particularly if your site is important to your business.

The following tutorial will show you how to test Joomla upgrades before updating your live site.

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