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How to Use Slideshow CK for Joomla

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Slideshow CK is one of the most popular slideshow modules in Joomla.

Slideshow CK supports images and videos, is fully responsive and is really easy to use. Oh, and it's completely free.

So when our members ask us for a slideshow extension, we often recommend CK Slideshow. Here

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Remove Duplicate jQuery files in Joomla With jQuery Easy

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One common problem is all CMS's is 3rd party software that loads extra scripts. This can often lead to slower sites or conflicts with other software on your site.

For example, In WordPress, Joomla and other platforms, it's not unusual for software to load their own jQuery libraries.

jQuery Easy is a Joomla plugin which helps fix common conflicts with jQuery files. The extension makes sure that...

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SEBLOD: a Powerful Joomla Content Builder

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It's really great to be able to talk with people who are pushing the boundaries of their software.

The Octopoos team is really expanding what can be done with Joomla. They make an content-building extension called SEBLOD which is a very flexible and highly-regarded. They also use SEBLOD to build sites for the likes of General Electric, Unilever and Lipton Tea.

We have a new video class on...

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Track Google Analytics Clicks and Downloads in Joomla

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Over the last week, several people have asked us about tracking Google Analytics "events" on their Joomla site.

"Events" describe anything from clicking on an external link to leave your site or downloading a file from your site.

Advanced Google Analytics is a plugin that can track all the events you need. Here's how to set it up and use it:

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Simple Renew Beta 2 with Multiple Subscriptions

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Simple Renew is the best way to create a membership site with Joomla 2.5 or 3.

We're pleased to announce the second beta release of Simple Renew.

By default, this second beta release of Simple Renew will continue to operate just like the first beta.

However, in this new version, there is a new option called "Multiple Subscriptions". Setting this option to Yes will allow your subscribers to...

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Social Networking Extensions for Joomla

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Alex Andreae is a experienced Joomla developer who focuses on social apps.

In this talk, he introduces you to the complete world of social tools.

Alex covers social network authentication, share buttons, comments, Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Google Structured data and more. 

Alex explains the purpose of these different tools and explains how you can utilize social networks to promote...

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How to Duplicate a Joomla Template

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One of the mistakes I see often by new Joomla users is modifying a core Joomla template and using it directly.

The problems occur when updating Joomla and all their changes are lost in the process.

The solution is to create a copy of the template and modify the copy instead. This will preserve your changes when you update Joomla.

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OSShow - A Lightweight Slideshow Module

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This week, we have another nice little extension for you: OSShow. OSShow is a lightweight slideshow module.

The OSShow Module will scan a folder on the server and flip through all the images. If the user specifies a Web Links category ID, the name, description, and url will be used for each of the images.

We made the slideshow easy so you can focus on managing your content instead of...

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Import HTML Sites into Joomla with HTML2Articles

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One of our OSTraining members had a very old HTML site.

They wanted to import that old site into Joomla and were wondering how to do it.

HTML2Articles is a very good solution for this. It will take your old HTML files and import them as Joomla articles.

Here's how HTML2Articles works:

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Joomla Website Security by Tony Perez

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Sucuri are one of the biggest names in website security, keeping many thousands of Joomla and WordPress sites safe.

Tony Perez is the co-founder and CEO of Sucuri. He gave this talk on Joomla security at Joomla Day Atlanta.

Tony starts by explaining that between 85% and 90% of hosting companies are infected at some point. Tony talks about all the different ways that a website and server than...

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