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Joomla in the Enterprise with Sears

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Cory Webb used to be run a Joomla design shop, but since last year he's been working for Sears.

His role at Sears is to manage an internal Joomla website for over 1000 Sears associates.

In this talk, Cory talks about the server architecture, workflows and user authentication methods used to power this Joomla site.

Some of the tools he talksa bout include Jenkins CI server, GitHub, JomSocial,...

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Display Tweets in Joomla with SP Tweets

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We often get tweets from OSTraining members wondering how to show tweets on their site.

Twitter doesn't makeit particularly easy to do this. Certainly there are no YouTube-style embed codes for multiple tweets.

For Joomla sites, we recommend the SP Tweet extension to make the process easier.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how use SP Tweet to automatically show your tweets inside a module.

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Introducing Joomla 3.3 by Michael Babker

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Over the next few weeks we're going to be publishing videos of some great presentations from Joomla Day Atlanta.

The event features some really excellent Joomla and PHP presentations.

First up is Michael Babker from the Joomla core team. His presentation was called "Looking at Joomla! 3.3" and he talks about what's new in the latest version of Joomla.

Micheal makes a major announcement at the...

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Load Modules inside Joomla Menus

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It's very common on websites to put the features inside menus.

Many sites put the search box, a login form or even advertisements inside their menu.

In this tutorial we're going to show you how do that in Joomla without any coding.

We're going to use an extension called Modules Anywhere to place a search box inside a menu without any coding.

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OSRegister - A Joomla Registration Module

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Although training is our primary focus at OSTraining, we also like publishing simple-to-use extensions for our members.

Today we're releasing OSRegister which makes it easy to display a registration form anywhere on your Joomla site.

OSRegister is a free module to that places form inside a module. 

OSRegister can be easily configured to hide itself from users who are already registered.

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Add Gravatar Support in Joomla with Jumi

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One of the most popular and useful extensions in Joomla is called Jumi. We've got Jumi tutorials on this site that date from early 2007.

Why is Jumi so popular? Jumi is an extension that allows you add custom code such as PHP, Javascript or CSS directly into our Joomla pages. 

One of our members wanted to show Gravatar images of their users when they logged in. They thought this would help...

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Create a Quick Install Package for Joomla

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Most template clubs have their own Quick Start packages, which help their users to quickly install a demo site with the template, module positions, and sample content already configured.

The following article will highlight a quick and easy way to create a Quick Install package for Joomla. And it's with an easy-to-use tool that you've probably already used or heard about: Akeeba Backup.

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Install Google Analytics in Joomla 3

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In this tutorial, we'll show you one quick and easy way to install Google Analytics in Joomla 3.

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Joomla 3 Development Will Continue

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In our forecasts for 2014, we made this prediction:

"When people use Joomla 3, they seem to love it. The interface and features are far more user-friendly than previous versions. So there's really no rush to move on to version 4. The community is still absorbing Joomla 3 and there's a lot of sites that still need to upgrade. Most people just aren't ready for version 4 yet.

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Vimeo Videos in Joomla with OSVimeo

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OSVimeo is our new plugin to embed Vimeo videos in your Joomla articles.

OSVimeo works exactly same way as our YouTube Embedder plugin. All you need to do is copy-and-paste the URL from Vimeo.

This plugin is so easy to use that you'll love it!

Here's how to use OSVimeo:

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