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Which CMS is just right?

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Goldilocks had to taste all 3 to determine which was just right. As you evolve and mature as a web developer, is it possible that your taste might also change? In this blog we as you to join us as we revisit this age-old comparison between these 3 CMS's with a few new perspectives we hope will help you decide if you are drinking from the right soup bowl - - maybe you are ready to drink from...

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Our Easter Sale is here, spreading colorful cheer...

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Discover all the great deals the Easter Bunny left for you. Because this is one of our favorite holidays, we brought you a 35% OFF Store Wide Sale.

 How to save 35% on EVERYTHING?

1. Place all your products in the cart.

2. Enter the promocode EASTER2014 (case sensitive).

3. 35% will be taken OFF your entire order.

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April - 3 Day Sale, Save up to $70

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Amazing 3-Day Club Sale

Save on all our best-selling Template Clubs. You can save up to $70 after discount. Put your Template Club on the cart and use promocode 3DAYCLUBAPR (case sensitive).


What kind of deals we have?

Get the best and great deals with this sale. Amazing discounts you will find in our 6mo and 12mo memberships.

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B&W or Rainbow? Choosing a Palette for Web Design

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Whether you're exploring the whole RGB spectrum or bringing something fresh to black and white, color is one of the most important parts of website design. It's one of the first things users notice when they open up a site, and it instantly says a lot about the client and service or product they offer. Both color extremes are buzzing trends right now, so it's a great time to go ahead and...

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Get a 7 day free trial in our 3 Extension Clubs AND 20% off

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Get a 7 day free trial + 20% OFF!

Try ALL our Extensions with this great 7 Day Free Trial. If you decide to keep them you will also get a 20% DISCOUNT in whichever club you chose.

If you bought our extensions separately, you will have to buy Visionary $33, MarkitUp Pro $18, Easy Social Icons $9, Share It $15, Lifestream $24, and Shackslides $18. Sum all of these prices and the cost will be...

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Digit Theme

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Here comes Digit, our April theme release. It comes with a bunch of cool features, like the optional sticky navigation with built in resize function on scrolling, or the easily customizable circle chart. Digit has 8 predefined styles and gives you the perfect base for business websites.

Digit features a wide screen layout, which can be modified directly in the Warp administration....

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Spring 2014 Must List

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There are many things for web industries to look forward to in the spring. Some of the more popular web design trends include mobile first design, deeply focused landing pages, and putting a face with freelance web development. People are building better sites and writing better blogs, and these trends are at the heart of it all.

Mobile First Design

It's difficult to talk about web design...

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UIkit 2.5 released

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Today we would like to introduce UIkit 2.5, which is a really big release. We have been busy working on a whole bunch of new add-ons and a lot of improvements. Altogether there are 5 completely new add-ons: Autocomplete, Upload, Placehoder, Dotnav and Slidenav. We also refactored the Search component, which will increase the possibilities and reduce the core size. We also fixed some issues...

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Typography Trends in Web Design

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The current web design trends take a turn to minimalism, with flat design coming out in the lead. When you strip away many visual elements that create a visual impact, you rely heavily on typography to make your design beautiful. 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for typography trends, particularly if you are working with responsive or flat designs for Joomla. Keep an eye out for these...

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Lots of new content in our University!

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New Content at Joomlashack University 

Because Joomlashack University is powered by OSTraining we are able to bring you some of the most current online training at awesome values.

Here is a short list of some of the courses and lessons we have added and or updated during the last few months.

Joomla 3 Beginner

This class teaches you all of the essential concepts and knowledge you need to...

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