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Guest blog about book on Teemr site

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End of last year, the new site of Teemr was launched, Teemr being a new platform for web professionals to allow for smoother linking of people and projects. Personally, I'm happy to be one of the first members of this new platform and also proud to have written a guest blog, dealing with the why and how behind my Programming Joomla Plugins book.


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Snorkeling in Statia

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St Eustatius, or Statia, is one of the best places for snorkeling we have been to. This is a guide for snorkeling in Gallows Bay. In most guide books it talks about the ruined warehouses underwater, but there are many other interesting things that they don't talk about. Going right off your boat you are […]
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OSTraining interviews Jisse on Magento's future

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Early February, Steve Burge of OSTraining asked Jisse Reitsma, founder of Yireo and author of Programming Joomla Plugins, a couple of questions on the future of Magento, since word got out that eBay was considering selling Magento.


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Joomla! User Group Karlsruhe

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We are the User Group for everyone from Karlsruhe and surrounding.
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Gear Review – Mantus Anchor

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When most people think of important equipment for cruising sailors, they thinks of sails, hardware, or autopilots. But really, when one thinks of the proportion of time different activities occupy, the most important piece of equipment is the anchor. In fact, as I have said before, cruising should probably be called “anchoring” as most of […]
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Yireo sponsors JAndBeyond 2015

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It is almost a yearly tradition: This year, the sixth version of JAndBeyond takes place, this time in Prague. Yireo is there to enjoy the social gathering, the technical talks, and also sponsors the event with bronze. Here's what we expect.

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True Confessions of a Cruising Mom

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After a campfire dinner of hot dogs, freshly caught fish, s'mores, and several glasses of wine on a deserted beach on volcano-ravaged but still beautiful Montserrat, I decided to interview myself about our cruising life. I thought “cruising” was what high school kids did in the '50's, you know, driving their cars around and around […]
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We will stop supporting PHP 5.3 on 1st of August 2015

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The moment is there. PHP 5.4 was released in 2012 and has slowly become the industry standard. In August 2015, we will enforce this new standard to our users by completely dropping support for PHP 5.3. Please upgrade and enjoy the benefits!

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Joomla! User Group Kano

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JUG Kano is a Developers Community which bring Technology enthusiast together to compete and build IT related solutions also training kids, youths & Women on Technologies Skills
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Design portfolio Programming Joomla Plugins

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Now that the Programming Joomla Plugins book is out there and selling, our designer Ruben Creemers is also sharing his creative work with the crowd. Or should I say art? He created the book cover, the page layouts, typography, banners, advertizements - all with an eye for awesomeness. And he even laid the wooden floor himself that brings out the book on artistic photos so nicely. Checkout his...

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