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JTicketing version 1.4.4 is here !

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We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of JTicketing v1.4.4 to our subscribers. This version introduces some great usability changes including better implementation ofbootstrap, One Page checkout & a new Dashboard control panel in the backend. This is also a upgrade that you will need to do if you plan to use our brand new IOS & Android app for Event...

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Joomla Plugin Google Maps version 2 deprecated

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Joomla plugin Google Maps version 2.19 and lower is deprecated. Please upgrade to version 3.1 of the plugin. 

This is obsolete now, because Google will deprecate JavaScript Maps API v2 on November 19, 2013 and also the geocoding service is already down since 12th September.
If you use an address in this version, you will get php errors on your website.

The Plugin version 3.1 uses Google...

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Update - Emerald v.9.92 RC

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Emerald new version 9.92 of Joomla 3 series membership component is here.

First it is marked as RC. May be not for production yet but definitely you can start develop your sites with it. It will become stable very shortly.

This is big update. You can

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Update - Cobalt v.8.332 Stable

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Cobalt v 8.332 - amazing Joomla 3 series CCK is here.

Here are something interesting in this version to highlight. Fists is:

New articles list template

  • add - articles list template for sections with gallery fields to be used in module.

This article

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Performance Tips : Indexing your Joomla tables

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Once in a while, all of us come across a site that still feels a bit laggy even after doing all the caching & gzipping. Adding appropriate indexes to Joomla's tables can improve query times, effectively decreasing page load times. Depending on your table structure and the amount of data, indexing could mean massive to a slight performance improvement! Practically, indexes are a type of tables,...

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Join us for a Live Webinar about Invitex on 11th Sept 9AM EST !

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Here is an awesome chance for you to know how Invitex can help you get lots & lots of new members for your website ! The guys at CloudAccess have invited us to do a Webinar about Invitex & share the secrets of Setting up Invitex in the best possible way to make your site go Viral !

What is Invitex ? 

With Awesome features like Native Api contacts import, Automated invitations, Intelligent...

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Invitex 2.8. See Whats coming in this awesome new Release ! P.S. We want your feedback !

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As part of our Initiative to involve our custommers in our development process, here is another Subscriber Connect update on Invitex. We have another awesome release of Invitex planned out for release over the next few weeks. We have listened to your feedback in planning this release & hope you will be as excited about it as we are !

The Subscriber Connect Blog & Newsletter Series helps us...

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SocialAds v2.9.4 out

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We have released SocialAds version 2.9.4 which contains minor bug fixes for reported bugs. Please check the changelog given below. 

Change Log for v2.9.4

- Bugs Fixed

#21349: FOF is not install with 2.9.3 package
#21389: changes to check if advertiser is non admin

Update now

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Using Error Logs to log DB errors to easily debug issues

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Sometimes, you might have operations like crons running PHP scripts behind the scenes. If there are any errors in it, it can become difficult to debug them since they might not affect the entire website. Whether you are doing this with any PHP framework or in a Joomla component, logging can help you debug such issues.
Here is how you can use Joomla's logging functionality to log your errors...
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Developing a Payment Plugin For HikaShop

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Recently, we had a chance to develop a Payment gateway plugin fo HikaShop. We thought this would be a good chance to share a small overview with everyone !

Lets Get started. 

Declare the configuration

First we need to declare the plugin configuration. This function will set plugin parameters of backend , like public,private key payment mode etc.

var $pluginConfig = array(
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