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A new download center

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The number of available downloads in our Member Center is steadily growing and attracting a lot of activity. To prepare for the upcoming stable release of DOCman 2.0 we gave the download area on our Member Center a fresh coat of paint. As we improve our extensions the inevitable retirement of their predecessors comes closer. […]
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Advanced Template Manager v1.1.0 released

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A new version of Advanced Template Manager has been released.

19-Jun-2014 : v1.1.0
+ Added translations: nl-NL
! Removed Preview Module Positions option (falls back on setting in core template manager)
! Removed message about default style under assignments when default is not selected
^ Refactored code
^ Updated translations: id-ID, fr-FR
# Fixed wrong version number

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NoNumber Extension Manager v4.3.1 released

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A new version of NoNumber Extension Manager has been released.

19-Jun-2014 : v4.3.1
! JOOMLA 3.x Removed compatibility for Joomla 3 versions under 3.2.2
^ Refactored code
^ Updated translations: de-DE, et-EE, id-ID, lt-LT, pt-BR
# JOOMLA 3.x Fixed issue with wrong version number for Advanced Template Manager 1.0.1 showing

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Brandon, new Joomla template for MijoShop

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We're happy to announce a new Joomla template from YouJoomla template club that supports MijoShop. Brandon is a responsive Joomla template suitable for business, portfolio or eCommerce website.
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jLike 1.1 gives you power to comment and express more!

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Guys sorry for the delay in jLIke 1.1 release, however it is here now.

jLike lets you add like and dislike functionality to a variety of content in your Joomla site, however now it is not limited to just likes and dislikes. jLike 1.1 has some major changes in it and we’ve added some spectacular features in it.

Now you can comment, add smileys do more to express your views. This is...

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Phoca Gallery 3.2.8 Released

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Phoca Gallery version 3.2.8 has been released. This version is designed for Joomla! 2.5.

Download: Phoca Gallery download site.

Demo: Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 2.5 site.


  • Fixed typo error in setBoxSize method
  • Changed JSite to JFactory::getApplication()
  • Minor changes in some SQL queries to optimize them

If you find any bug, please report it to Phoca Forum. Thank you.

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JBolo v 3.1.1 comes with New Easy-Profile Community Extension Integration

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Hey Chatters,
We are glad to announce the new JBolo version 3.1.1 which now has a new integration option for "Easy-Profile" Community Extension. It looks impressive.
Easy-Profile component lets you create - Profiled users by creating custom fields. You can choose to create the following types of fields: text, textarea/editor, image, select (dropdown), radio, checkbox, email, date,...
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5+2 Reasons to Buy JomSocial Essentials Pack

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Guys I am writing this blog let you know that we’ve Different Bundles which contain Combination of different extensions. So, if you buy a bundle you’ll be getting benefits of many extensions in one bundle.
This blog is about JomSocial Essentials Pack. These are the reasons why you should buy JomSocial Essentials Pack:

1) SocialAds: This extension has taken Joomla advertising to a...

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Add multipal html element using jquery

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Guys, This blog is about adding multipal html element using jQuery and display the cloned field. Hope this Helps! :) 

So this is Quick guide to create multiple fields as many as with in minimum efforts

Lets' code! Step by step :

A. Add jQuery file from Google API and add required styling-

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E Cigarette Safety

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Elесtrоnіс сіgаrеttеѕ, оr е-сіgѕ, аѕ they аrе ѕоmеtіmеѕ knоwn, hаvе bееn оn the mаrkеt fоr а fеw уеаrѕ nоw. Thеу hаvе the dual рurроѕе оf еnаblіng а ѕmоkеr tо gеt their fіx оf nісоtіnе wіthоut іnhаlіng the vаrіоuѕ саrсіnоgеnѕ that аrе іn tоbассо рrоduсtѕ, but аrе еlесtrоnіс сіgаrеttеѕ...
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