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Core Update: What’s New In Joomla 3.4 ?

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Joomla 3.4 is due out this week! Last week, the Joomla! Project announced its Joomla! 3.4 Release Candidate, in advance of its upcoming first release of 3.4. We here at the ‘corePHP’ team have provided some assistance to the 3.4 … Continue reading

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Upgrade your Joomla 2.5 Component to Joomla 3 Using the SQL Import

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 Because Joomla is no longer providing support for Joomla 2.5, it recommends that you upgrade your old 2.5 components to 3.0. This is easy to do using our Component Creator SQL Import tool. It can save you around 80% of the work of upgrading manually. And to make things even easier we have a walkthrough video tutorial you can watch.

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VirtueMart 3.0.6 with completely redesigned 'Multi Variants'

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In VirtueMart 3.0.6 we fine tuned the completely redesigned Multi Variants which were introduced in our previous release. Let me give you a short introduction.

One of the most advanced feature of an ecommerce store is the possibility to display different variants of one product in a clear structure. The typical example are the T-Shirt product variants. We have created a small example here:

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Complete Feed Submission Service for Google Shopping

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Submitting a product feed for your Virtuemart store to Google Shopping can be a time-consuming experience, even with the benefit of our dedicated shopping feed extension, GooglebaseXML. If you are a busy store owner you probably don't want to be spending your time doing this. We can now save your time by offering the benefit of our experience to provide a complete feed submission service. We...

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AlphaUserPoints 2.0.0 released

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I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of AlphaUserPoints version 2.0.0 version for download. This release is compatible with Joomla! 3.x.x onlyThis new version corrects few bugs and security fix.


I continue to provide regular and frequent updates to the Joomla community.


You can download here the component AlphaUserPoints version 2.0.0 for Joomla! 3.x.x :

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Update - Cobalt v.8.633 Stable

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Here is new version of great and oldest Joomla CCK version 8.633.

There are few new features in this release. module records now can compare field values more smartly. And Status field now can change status when article commented not only for standard comments but for "Comments as cobalt type" as well.

Small features Changelog

  • fix - date field - show in calendar.
  • fix - cobalt - field...
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Update - Emerald v.9.316 Stable

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New version of Emerald 9.316 is here.

This release generallyy includes fixes and performance improvements.


  • fix - emerald - send exaparion emails alert.
  • fix - emerald - cancel action
  • Fix - emerald - translation of plan descritpion with coma in the text
  • fix - emerald - trigger event and subscription

Affected files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Action...
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Release of VirtueMart 3.0.4

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A bit earlier than expected, we have to release vm3.0.4 to close a vulnerability in the core. This is a real vulnerability, no exploit. The problem is a wrong error report setting, which can reveal the used server path for the real attack.

More and more people use php5.4 or php5.5, which has another default error handling and so they sometimes displayed Strict Errors (revealing the path). To...

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Update - Cobalt v.8.630

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New version of Cobalt CCK - 8.630 is here.

This version contain performance improvements and fixes.


  • add - rule for moderators to add/delete tags
  • fix - slow page load with a lot of events
  • enhanced - tags display
  • fix - cobalt - robokassa gateway
  • fix - cobalt - redirect after delete record if was view_what
  • fix - cobalt - alphaindex
  • fix - delete cobalt article as comment in parent...
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Phoca Email 3.0.4 Released

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Phoca Email component version 3.0.4 has been released.

Download: Phoca Email component download site. Phoca Email Newsletter module download site.

Documentation: Phoca Email component documentation site. Phoca Email Newsletter module documentation site.



  • Fixed minor typo error in language file
  • Fixed problem when sending unsubscribe email


If you find any bug, please report...

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