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People Suggest 1.4.3 brings support for EasySocial !

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People Suggest 1.4.3 is here with EasySocial support and much more ! Since People suggest is new to the EasySocial community, we will give you a quick introduction of what its all about. A Social Network be it a major player like facebook or a specific niche network, thrives on the relations the people involved in it establish with each other. In fact it wouldn't be a ‘Network’ at all if...

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IP Login v1.2.0 released

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A new version of IP Login has been released.

23-Jun-2014 : v1.2.0
+ Added translations: lt-LT, pt-BR
^ Refactored code
^ Totally rewritten to improve code syntax
^ Updated translations: fr-FR
# JOOMLA 2.5 Fixed issue with errors after upgrade to Joomla 3

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Quick2cart brings Ecommerce to Seblod

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It gives us great pleasure to announce that a Seblod integration has been developed by one of the members of the community !

Seblod is one of the leading content construction kits (CCKs) available for Joomla. Extremely flexible and scalable, once you get familiar with this awesome CCK, you will find that many of your simple to complex needs can be satisfied by this CCK. In some cases you...

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Quick2cart 2.1.3 with jLIke integration

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This is Quick2cart maintenance release for Bug fixes and we've integrated it with new jLike 1.1




#29579 Integration with JLike Version 1.1 for Likes and comments.



#29575: Updated common tj assets loader plugin to avoid javascript error.

#27700 For guest checkout, user is unable to download product files having zero price


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Techjoomla Football Fever!!

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Guys, As the world cup is here, you all must be excited about who will be the winning team and so are we. Let’s celebrate FIFA world cup in a different way this time.
Football has always been a great game to play, lot of enthusiasm and team spirit. FIFA fever has bit Techjoomla team really hard and we all are going gaga over this. So Techjoomla has come up with an exciting offer for...

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Advanced Template Manager v1.1.1 released

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A new version of Advanced Template Manager has been released.

20-Jun-2014 : v1.1.1
# Fixed issue with feed (and other non-html) pages breaking
# Updated and fixed some stuff in mobile browser detection

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Update - Cobalt v.8.555 Stable

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New version of most flexible CCK in the wold is here: Cobalt v. 8.555. Lucky number folks!

Download and try it and may get your luck. Luck of been able to do all your projects requirements. Luck of been able to do things you could only dream about before.


  • add - new event - article waits for approval.
  • add - cobalt - item label in section params for notifications.
  • fix - show...
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Update - Emerald v.9.251 Stable

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New version of amazing Joomla membership subscription extension - Emerald 9.251 is here folks.

The noticeable feature in this real ease is a donations. Now you can set plan to be purchased as donation. You can allow user to enter donation amount manually but always limit minimum. Or you can allow user to chose amount from the list.

Donation plans have different button in the list.

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A new download center

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The number of available downloads in our Member Center is steadily growing and attracting a lot of activity. To prepare for the upcoming stable release of DOCman 2.0 we gave the download area on our Member Center a fresh coat of paint. As we improve our extensions the inevitable retirement of their predecessors comes closer. […]
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Advanced Template Manager v1.1.0 released

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A new version of Advanced Template Manager has been released.

19-Jun-2014 : v1.1.0
+ Added translations: nl-NL
! Removed Preview Module Positions option (falls back on setting in core template manager)
! Removed message about default style under assignments when default is not selected
^ Refactored code
^ Updated translations: id-ID, fr-FR
# Fixed wrong version number

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