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JGive1.7.2 with Version Update Notifier and Live Update support!

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JGive is a powerful “crowd funding” extension that enables your members to create fund-raising projects; accept donations or Investments; and keep donors updated on the project’s progress.

We are releasing version 1.7.2 of JGive. In this version we have added new version update Notification support to notify users about new versions and Live Update support, to let site admins receive and...

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Component Creator Development Roadmap

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Thanks to all our users who voted in our poll, we have been able to better make prioritizations and have arrived at the following development roadmap.

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Release of 3.0.10

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Release of 3.0.10

The last stable version vm3.0.8 was 5 months ago. Development has continued during this time, we just spent additional time testing and checking to deliver a more stable version.

We added the ajax script to the cart, so that the new cart is almost like an OPC, you will still add/edit addresses in a separate page. It is backward compatible as long any 3rd party...

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Shika Beta 15 is out with some cool new features!

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As promised, we are happy to announce the release of Shika v.1.0 Beta 15. Besides a ton of fixes, we have managed to merge some pull requests on projects that our services teams have been working on to get some new features in as well. So let's look at what's in there...

Whats new in Shika Beta 15 ?

Ability to delete questions

This was a missing feature. Now you can delete questions from the...

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Mutual Friends v2.2 released for both CB & JomSocial

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We have released a minor updates for plugins "Jomsocial Mutual Friends" and "CB Mutual Friends". We have done some bug fixes and improvements in this version for both the plugins.

For those who don't know what these plugins do here is quick intro for both plugins: Mutual Friends For JomSocial & Community Builder Mutual Friends

  • These plugins let you 'know your common friends'.
  • These plugins...
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Make "Yoonique’s Zoo Element Anywhere" extension syntax work with text field!

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In case you hadn't heard about it yet, the guys at Yoonique have a nice plugin called  Zoo Element Anywhere that lets you insert elements from ZOO items into content anywhere in Joomla.

While using this in one of the projects our services team works on, we discovered that this had some limitations which we needed to get around.

The name of the plugin suggests that this plugin "Zoo Element...

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LOGman 2.1 has landed

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In the past months we have been very busy working on exciting new features for LOGman. We are happy to announce that LOGman 2.1 is ready!

The new version is packed with a bunch of goodies that improve user interaction with activities:

  • Frontend activities
  • Email notifications
  • RSS Feeds
  • Guest activities

This release mainly focuses on frontend...

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How to provide live updates for extensions in Joomla?

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As a Joomla extension provider, we are always rolling out updates for our extensions. Whether they are minor bug fixes or major feature releases, its always recommended that customers stay up-to-date so that they get the best of features, bug fixes as well as security fixes.

Normally the only way to notify them would be via Blogs and Newsletters. However this needs the customer to do the...

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Fabrik 3.3.3 released

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 Fabrik 3.3.3 is now available for download.

This is a security release and we strongly recommend that you upgrade. The security fix resolves an potential information disclosure issue which affects all previous versions of Fabrik for Joomla 3.

We've improved the usage of the chosen dropdown rendering within Fabrik, so that it will work for dropdowns within repeat groups. To activate this...

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#hashtags in #Joomla

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Like all communities #joomla has its favourite hashtags that you around the twitterverse (Yes thats an actual word !). There are many that keep coming and going but there are some that have become part of the cultural fabric of the community.


I obviously have to start with this hashtag that's used to tweet anything and everything about Joomla.

#joomla Tweets

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