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Fabrik 3.3.4 Released!

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The Fabrikar team is pleased to announce the release of Fabrik 3.3.4 for Joomla! Download Fabrik 3.3.4

Under the hood we have started to implement dependency injection into our models, and plugin code, this is part of our continued work on modernising Fabrik's code base.

There's been a couple of small but useful changes in the admin pages, now when you create a list or element and type in its...

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Phoca Download 3.1.0 Released

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The Joomla Speak! In Conversation with Claudia Apostoaei

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In this week's interview of The Joomla Speak! series we will be talking to Claudia Apostoaei who works as a Marketing Representative thePHPfactory and started her journey with Joomla since then. Let’s get to know her a bit. She reads a lot about the Gothic literature, loves to hear music Hip-Hop and Rock so to say, is also into creepy horror movies and in free time you might find her...

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JoomlaDay™ Austria 2015

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The first JoomlaDay™ Austria will be held on November 20 and 21 2015 in Vienna.

For more info visit:

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JBolo 3.2.5 gets you Emojis! and lot more ;)

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JBolo a simple yet powerful chat extension for Joomla gets you a new update with some of the most awaited features. 

What’s new?

Express more with Emojis

JBolo adds 1000 plus emojis to make your chat  more interesting and fun!

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Immediate update to Joomla 3.4.5 necessary

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If you haven't updated your Joomla 3 to the last security patch 3.4.5 your site is at big risk due to an SQL injection vulnerability that allows the exploiter to acquire full administrative access to your Joomla website.

The 15th of October, the Joomla Production Leadership (PLT) team was notified of the security issue by the internet security company SpiderLabs. The PLT started to work...

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The Joomla Speak! In Conversation with Henry Nguyen

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After Sarah Watz’s interview, this week we’re in talks with Henry Nguyen in The Joomla Speak Series, who started as a developer in 2003 and now is the Chief Technical Officer of, one of the most favorite template provider for Joomla!

Henry has been working with PHP and open source project since 2004. Joining JoomlaShine team as CTO since 2008 and focus on building...

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How to access Module parameters anywhere inside Joomla code?

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In Joomla, Module configurations are stored as Module parameters. Typically you only need to use parameters in the module itself. However, sometimes you might need to access them from other places like your component or a plugin. And this can get especially tricky when you have multiple copies of the module. 

A live case example for this is SocialAds Modules. In this case we need to know in...

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The Joomla Speak! In Conversation with Sarah Watz

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Guys, we’re back again this week with the 3rd interview in The Joomla Speak! series. Now this one is pretty special because we’re going to be in talks with The President of Open Source Matters, Sarah Watz. People who are not aware who she is (i don’t think there might be any, at least not from the Joomla space) let’s get to know her.

Sarah is a Joomla evangelist who lives in Stockholm,...

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Sneak Peek at JGive 1.8!

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It’s been a while since the release of our last major version of JGive (v 1.7) release and we have got some really cool stuff coming in the next version.

Here’s what we have planned for JGive 1.8. We’ve always wanted you guys to actively participate in the planning and let us know your views on it.

This is what we’ve chalked out!

Donor Management

  • Add donors list view
  • Mass Mailing
  • CSV...
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