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Send Joomla email via Amazon SES

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Reliable email delivery is key in web applications, you don't want your customers to miss that order confirmation email or skip that very important Social Network notification. Using a service like Amazon SES also helps you improve your email sending quota if your web host gives you a rather small quota. It's fairly easy to get up and running with Amazon SES. You'll need to have an account...

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Shika Beta 17- A Step closer to the Stability!

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On demand of our very own Shika Early Adopters, we have introduced some cool new features. Besides these features, there are a lot of bug fixes done.

What are the new additions?

Course and lesson alias

With Alias for Courses and Lessons they’re going to be more Search Engine Friendly.

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Joomla 3.5 is Coming!

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On 27th January 2016 Joomla announced the release of Joomla 3.5 beta. Like any beta version this release is for testing purposes and should not be used on production servers. There will be no upgrade from this beta version to the final stable release. If you want to help out the Joomla community by testing this new version, or are just curious to find out what it's like, it would be best to...

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New Features: Content Version History and More

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Continuing with the improvements we introduced at the end of 2015, we have added some new features to get 2016 of to a great start.

Content version history

All tables built with Component Creator will now have content version history. You will be able to come back to a previous version of an item and undo changes with just two clicks.

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The Joomla Speak! In Conversation with Peter Bui

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We are going to talk to Peter Bui, Managing Director of PB Web Development in this The Joomla Speak interview. I met him at the Joomla World Conference 2015, Bangalore, India. A fun loving person who is also a Joomla Enthusiast and Contributor. Let’s get to know his thoughts on Joomla!

What's your Joomla story? How did you get introduced?

In 2004 and 2005 I experimented with a lot of...

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Embed DOCman videos using AllVideos

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An increasingly common request we receive is how to play audio and video with DOCman. At time of writing DOCman does not have a build in video and audio player but there are some great Joomla extensions then can do this already.

In the past weeks we have worked with the JoomlaWorks team to add support for videos and audio files stored in DOCman to

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Supporting custom module positions in your Joomla extension

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Note: This Blog is targeted to developers!

Sometimes the module positions that come with your template are just not enough, or if you’re a developer you might want to allow your users to load modules inside various parts of your component.

A good example is if you want to publish Ads coming from SocialAds on your EasySocial stream without changing any default functionalities of the stream....

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Handpicked Joomla Themes: Part Seven

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Welcome to another list from our popular series Handpicked Joomla Themes which is created to help you get the perfect Joomla theme for your website in a jiffy without working hard in searching for one. Let’s have a look at … Continue reading

The post Handpicked Joomla Themes: Part Seven appeared first on 'corePHP' Technology.

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SocialAds 3.1. First Look!

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It has been a really long time since a SocialAds release. You all might want to ask, "What took it so long?"

Well, we have been working on a major rewrite of the extension and we’re almost there. Apart from a simple, cleaner code and an amazingly fast working SocialAds...

This is what you can expect!

Backend Dashboard

Admin will be effectively able to monitor the income, Ads, Click to...

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DOCman 2.1.4 is out!

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We have worked hard over the last few months fixing bugs and making improvements to DOCman. DOCman 2.1.4 is now out with many fixes for the reported issues.

One of the notable improvements in this release is performance. We specially worked on optimizing DOCman installations with 100+ categories. Managing larger DOCman installations is now easier and...

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