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Personal Branding with Joomla

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I believe that one of the most asked questions for us designers (including myself) is: what can I do to win new customers? Developing your Personal Brand is a way to open yourself to possibilities of generating new contacts and business opportunities.
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Feeling Joomleiro

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JoomlaDay Brazil took place in Brasilia on the 4th, 5th and 6th of September.
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Encontro Nacional de JUGs Brasileiras 2015

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No dia 6 de setembro de 2015, representantes das JUGs brasileiras (Joomla User Groups) e seus convidados encontraram-se no Hotel Comfort Inn Taguatinga (Brasília/DF) para discutir os rumos da comunidade brasileira. Estavam presentes representantes das JUGs Calango, Paraná, Rio, São Paulo, Tchê e Tocantins e os líderes internacionais Javier Gomez, Jorge López-Bachiller e Roland Dalmulder.
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J!Awards Brasil 2014/2015

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O primeiro J!Awards Brasil premiou os usuários de Joomla! destaque no País nos anos de 2014 e 2015. A premiação ocorreu em 05 de setembro, no final do JoomlaDay Brasil 2015.
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JMailAlerts Plugins Split and v2.5.5 Availability for Paid Plugins!

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On popular demand, we have decided to make JMailAlerts plugins available for individual purchase.

Why the Split?

  • For instance if someone was using JomSocial/ EasySocial/ CB he had to purchase all the unnecessary plugins since they were all in the same subscription package.

  • Again same thing while downloading. It was bit harder to find the particular plugin’s latest version.

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New Video Class: Speeding up Joomla

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If you run a Joomla site, then you really need this week's new video class from Rod Martin called "Speeding up Joomla".

Rod starts by showing that a normal Joomla site is not highly-optimized and then he takes you through 10 steps to improve your site speed.

First, you'll learn to use Google PageSpeed and YSlow to test your site. Then Rod shows you how to use caching, compresssion, .htaccess,...

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Using the Menu Settings in Gantry 5

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Welcome to the fourth post in our 5-part series on the Gantry 5 framework from RocketTheme.

In the previous tutorial, I showed you the layout options that Gantry offers. I demonstrated how to build a site using Joomla modules, and also Gantry-specific items such as Particles and Atoms.

In this week's tutorial, let's see how Gantry's menu system works.

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Phoca Site Plugin 3.0.1 Released

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Phoca Site plugin 3.0.1 has been released.


Phoca Site plugin documentation site


Phoca Site plugin download site


Phoca Open Graph and Site plugin demo site.


  • Added exception in case addCustomTag function it not available.


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Remove Joomla's Forget Username and Forget Password Links

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One of our members wanted to remove the "Forget Username" and "Forget Password" links from the login page of his Joomla site.

In this tutorial, I'm show you how to do this by using template overrides.

There are two places where you will find the login form: in the Users component and in the Login module.

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The Joomla Speak!

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We all are aware that Joomla has turned 10 this year. It has been a long journey full of innovation, rough patches, excitement and progress.

Over the years,  Joomla has grown bolder, prettier and smarter; winning hearts and awards. To celebrate this year and make it more exciting we are conducting a series of interviews and will publish them on regular intervals.

In this series of interviews...

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