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Switch Joomla to PHP 7 on Shared Hosting

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We recommend that you run your Joomla 3.5 sites on PHP 7.

PHP 7 is faster, more secure and will be supported for much longer than any other version

However, many shared hosting providers will not upgrade your PHP version automatically. If you run Joomla 3.5 on shared hosting and want to use PHP 7, I'm going to show you how.

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Sneak Peek on Shika 1.1

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We have finalized some features for Shika 1.1. Just in case you have missed the webinar you can have a look at all the planned features here. This list is as per the market demands.


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OSMap: Removing Links From a Joomla Sitemap

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OSMap is the best and easiest way to create a sitemap in Joomla.

When you install OSMap, it automatically creates a sitemap for you.

For more advanced users, it's possible to edit your sitemaps to include or exclude certain URLs. You may want to do this for visual purposes (you want a short and clean sitemap) or for SEO purposes (to exclude certain URLs from Google's index).

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Joomla 3.5 gets the 'Speed Force' with PHP 7 Support !

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Earlier today Joomla 3.5 stable was released the Joomla Production leadership team. This marks a major milestone in the Joomla 3X series. This release adds quite a few new features and solves a significant number of bugs. 

PHP 7 Support, Update Notifications via Email, System Information Export, Drag & Drop Images are just some of the cool features that have been introduced in this...

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Save 30% on WordPress, Joomla and Drupal Themes

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A lot of OSTraining readers are looking for a good theme for their site.

So we've partnered with Template Monster, one of the world’s leading sources of CMS themes.

Having been around for over 13 years, Template Monster offers an extensive collection of WordPress themes, Joomla templates and Drupal themes.

Now you can get a 30% discount on all purchases from Template Monster.

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How to Share Your Joomla System Information With Support

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Joomla 3.5 implemented the ability to export your System Information settings.

This short tutorial will highlight why and how to share your system information with support.

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Drag-and-Drop Images in Joomla with TinyMCE

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Starting with Joomla 3.5, drag-and-drop image uploads are built into Joomla's default editor - TinyMCE.

It has a really nice new usability improvement: drag-and-drop image adding. You can pick up any image from your desktop and drop it directly into your content.

And it's simple to use. Here's how easy it is ...

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How to Update Joomla to use PHP 7

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PHP 7 is the fastest PHP version yet. Simply changing the PHP version to 7 can make your Joomla site run 50% faster or more.

We get questions often about how to upgrade to a new PHP version, so we figured we should write a short tutorial for it. This tutorial will explain how Joomla interacts with PHP and how to update to PHP 7.

It's written at a beginner level and doesn't get into too much...

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Joomla 3.5 Now Collects Anonymous Site Data

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Joomla 3.5 includes a new data collection plugin that allows the Joomla project to gather anonymous data about installs. 

The data collected is very similar to the data already being collected by the WordPress and Drupal projects. The plugin is also opt-in and can be easily enabled or disabled.

This tutorial will explain what information it collects, why it collects it, and how to enable...

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Quick2Cart Roadmap

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Quick2Cart Ecommerce extension for Joomla has a lot of cool features lined up in its future releases. These features have been shortlisted as per Market demands.

What all is lined up?

Quick2cart 2.6

Pay with Amazon India’ integration for Single Vendor Mode

Let people buy  a product on your store and the let Amazon handle the checkout part including shipping and stuff.

Note: This Features is...

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