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Six degrees of separation - Vin Diesel and Joomla

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As we approach Joomla's 10th Birthday it is not surprising that my mind is drawn back to the days of August 2005 when it all began. In ten years there is so much history to share but not all of it is well known - or perhaps even that interesting. There is a fun game called "six degrees of separation" and this is my attempt at finding the connection between Hollywood star Vin Diesel and...

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Social-Ads3.0.10 with Joomla Update and Live Update support!

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SocialAds is a advertising solutions for Joomla! Which includes some amazing features like geo-targeting, contextual targeting, it also supports ad types like text ad, image ad and videos. Socialads is a way for the site owners to set their cash counters ringing using ads.

We have released a minor update version 3.0.10 for Social-Ads. In this version we have added Joomla Updates to notify...

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10 ans d'anniversaires Joomla!

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Alors que nous préparons les festivités du 10ème anniversaire du projet Joomla et du CMS Joomla, regardons les célébrations des 10 années précédentes. Tout cela est passé si vite !
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Joomla! arrasa em grandes eventos de software livre no Brasil – FISL16 e Campus Party Recife

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A primeira Trilha Joomla FISL foi realizada no 16º Fórum Internacional de Software Livre, que ocorreu de 8 a 11 de julho de 2015, na cidade de Porto Alegre. O FISL é considerado o maior encontro de comunidades de software livre da América Latina e um dos maiores do mundo na temática da Tecnologia da Informação, reunindo 5.281 participantes nesta edição de 2015.
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So, You Want to Be a Leader!

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This quote from Dwight D. Eisenhower touched me in a special way: Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because s/he wants to do it. Leadership is about setting an example on how to do the right things. And show others how to do it by giving direction and inspiration.
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Wrap Up from the Joomla Extension Directory Blog

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It was a light month for the JED Blog. Here is what you missed...
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Celebrate Joomla's 10th Birthday

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On August 17th Joomla will be 10 years old. That's a truly amazing achievement for any open source project especially one that is 100% community run without any corporate overlord or backer. 10 years of a global community working together motivated not by money or personal gain but solely to create something that the world can use freely. As I look back to the events of August 2005 and the...
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My Membership Site is Up, Now What Do I Do?

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In my last article in JCM, I worked really hard to convince you that regardless of what business you are in, or even for non-business sites, you need to have a membership component to your site. Assuming that I did a reasonable job, you either have one in the works or are at least planning one. Now you want to know the most effective way to use membership in your own website, right? Answering...
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White Label Joomla Tutorials

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Section 3 of Joomla 3 Webmaster is now online and this completes the main part of this course. If you’re a web host, trainer or developer, you now have the unique opportunity to provide a non-branded version of this course to your customers.

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Image Optimization with WebResizer and ImageRecycle

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One of the biggest factors to a slow page load is unoptimized image sizes. The bigger the image, the more time it takes the browser to load it.

This tutorial will show you the two free tools that I use to optimize images quickly.

These services will be useful whether you use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any other platform.

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