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3 Common Mistakes Joomla Beginners Make

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Here are a few of the key mistakes that I've noticed most newbie Joomla users make and how to avoid them. Use the tips below to become an expert Joomla user overnight and avoid all the new user behaviors.
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Increase your Authority with your membership site

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Yes, your membership site can make you more of the expert! All things being equal, people buy from who they know, like and trust. Use your membership site to increase your authority and therefore your level of perceived trust.
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Volunteer Syndrome - Part One

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How many times have you heard a person referred to as "just a volunteer" as though "Justa" were a first name?
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Why is the Joomla Version Displayed Twice in the Administrator?

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This is an odd issue that may happen randomly. Recently I noticed the Joomla version was displayed twice in the administrator area after updating to Joomla 3.4.8.

Why is this happening? The short answer: a duplicated administrator module.

I'm going to show you how to disable the module that duplicates this information.

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People Suggest 1.4.6 maintenance release

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A must have for all Joomla based Social Networks. People suggest helps with friend suggestions. Some of its fantastic features include profile based suggestions, Match Making support and more!

Bugs Fixed

- #64745 Fronted - Recommend friends popup not working with JomSocial 4.x
- #64743 Fronted - Sql errors seen while fetching suggestions when some close users exist in database
- #64480 Fronted -...

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JBolo 3.2.6 is out!

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JBolo a premium chat extension for Joomla gets new bug fix update. JBolo has many awesome features like  Group chat, User Blocking, Chat opt out and many more!

Bugs Fixed!

- #64637 No timestamp shown for sent messages until page is refreshed
- #64636 Error playing sound for new messages
- #64634 Mark messages sent via chat as 'read' in JomSocial / EasySocial messages 

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Fabrik 3.4 released

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Yeah! Fabrik 3.4 is now available for download. This point release contains several new features that we're really excited about.

As always a great big shout out to one and all that contributed to the project during this release: skurvish, troester,  Bauer, Sophist, majeed21, Jean-François Questiaux, yuriyua, Jaanus Nurmoja, felixkat, pascal26, plus all the translators and people who took...
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How to Win Friends and Influence People: WordCamp Miami Edition

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I applied to speak at WordCamp Miami in 2015 and again in 2016. Last year, I was lucky and got accepted. This year, I was lucky and didn’t get accepted. Why was I lucky? Because I got this...

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Use Google Trends to Find Keywords for Your Content

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If you're trying to optimize your site to meet the needs of potential visitors, then Google Trends is a very useful tool.

If you're going to create content that's optimized for a particular keyword, it's helpful to know whether people are actually searching for that keyword.

Google Trends allows you to see how popular a keyword has been, not just today, but over a decade or more.

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Sneak Peek at Quick2Cart 2.5!

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It has been a while since the release of our last major version of Quick2Cart 2.4 release and we have got some really cool stuff coming in the next version. Received a lot of feature requests from you guys. We were unable to get all of them in this version. However, we've managed to sqeeze in some of them. 

Here’s what we have planned for Quick2Cart 2.5. We’ve always wanted you guys to...

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