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New template section with Apps for ZOO CCK

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New template section with Apps for ZOO CCK

Author: Eugene Sivokon , Date: Sunday, 03 April 2016

Today we have launched a new series of products for ZOO (popular Content Constuction Kit for Joomla!) and it's time to introduce our first template and App for this CCK.

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Edge Theme

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Back from the Easter holidays we are excited to present Edge, our April 2016 release. This theme comes with loads of useful features. For example, with our new additional block options you can align whole sections to the left or right. This offers entirely new possibilities for a variable and refreshing layout. Three custom widget plugins, a lot of attention to detail and a light, typography...

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Gmapfp, J3.38F , Other

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Gmapfp, J3.38F ,Other

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New Video Class: SASS: Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets

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We're happy to add a whole new topic to the OSTraining library, today: SASS: Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets.

CSS stylesheets can become hard to manage on large projects. SASS is a CSS extension language that helps solve this problem.

SASS allows you to use features that are not part of CSS. You'll find SASS used in many Drupal themes, WordPress themes and Joomla templates.

In this class,...

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Featured User: Bruno Barbosa

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Every month or so, we sit down and talk to one of our users and feature their story on our blog. This month we talked with Bruno Barbosa, CEO of IDEIA, Lda.

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Don't install too many Joomla extensions

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Thanks to the huge collection of Joomla extensions almost any functionality you can think of is available in a few clicks. Trying new extensions is fun, but don’t add one extension after another just because you can.

How many extensions can I install?

Joomla has no limit in the amount of extensions (plugins, components, modules and templates) you can...

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Easter Egg Hunt!

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Keep Calm! Easter is here and so is the discount season. Let’s celebrate Easter together, this time in a different way. Techjoomla, Stackideas and JoomlaShine have joined hands to delight its users with some amazing deals and surprises. Participate in the Egg Hunt to get better discounts. ;)

What’s the EGG HUNT?

Let’s go pointwise to make it easier to understand:

  • Get the discount code...

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Say hi to FILEman 3.0 beta

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We are happy to announce the beta release of FILEman 3.0. This new major version brings a load of new features to make file management on your Joomla sites better and easier.

New features:

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How to Add Icons to Joomla Menu Links

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Many Joomla templates come with icon support for menu items.

However, if your template doesn't support menu icons, we have a solution for you.

Continue reading this post to know how to add Font Awesome icons to your menu items.

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Smile! Joomla Now Supports Emoji

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Last year, WordPress added emoji support to posts and pages.

When that release arrived, I half-jokingly wrote that it was the most important WordPress feature in years. Emoji are hugely popular on mobile devices, amongst younger users, and in Asia.

Now, with the release of Joomla 3.5, you can use emoji in Joomla also!

Emoji are fun, of course, but there are also some serious issues behind...

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