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Reorganize Joomla 3 Articles, Modules and Menus

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This is a short tutorial to clear up confusion that some of our members had with a new Joomla 3 feature.

Joomla 3 introduced drag-and-drop for re-ordering articles, categories, modules, menu links and plugins.

The drag-and-drop feature works perfectly, but it can be hard to spot for new Joomla 3 users.

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Joomla! User Group Atlanta

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The Joomla User Group for people in Atlanta.
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Joomla! User Group Atlanta

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The Joomla User Group for people in Atlanta.
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Entropy 1.7 (J2.5-3.1) Update Released

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The Entropy Joomla template has been updated to version 1.7 which includes Joomla 3 compatible and several bug fixes.

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Joomla Plugin Google Maps version 2 deprecated

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Joomla plugin Google Maps version 2.19 and lower is deprecated. Please upgrade to version 3.1 of the plugin. 

This is obsolete now, because Google will deprecate JavaScript Maps API v2 on November 19, 2013 and also the geocoding service is already down since 12th September.
If you use an address in this version, you will get php errors on your website.

The Plugin version 3.1 uses Google...

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The Singleton design pattern

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Let's continue our own journey into the Design Patterns by looking at the Singleton pattern.


The Singleton design pattern is a creational pattern, i.e. deals with the way you create the objects in your application.

It ensures a class can have only one interface.

A real life example

In Joomla, a Singleton pattern is used in the JFactory class to make sure we only have a single...

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TinyMCE is Much Improved in Joomla 3.2

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Joomla 3.2 is shaping up to be one of favorite Joomla updates.

There are some headline improvements such as the Joomla AppStore and also Versions for articles.

There are also some useful smaller improvements. One such an improvement is the move from TinyMCE 3 to TinyMCE 4.

TinyMCE 3 was released in early 2008 and here's how it looks in existing Joomla versions.

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Update - Emerald v.9.92 RC

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Emerald new version 9.92 of Joomla 3 series membership component is here.

First it is marked as RC. May be not for production yet but definitely you can start develop your sites with it. It will become stable very shortly.

This is big update. You can

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Update - Cobalt v.8.332 Stable

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Cobalt v 8.332 - amazing Joomla 3 series CCK is here.

Here are something interesting in this version to highlight. Fists is:

New articles list template

  • add - articles list template for sections with gallery fields to be used in module.

This article

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New Product ~ 3-Month Template Club

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A New Joomlashack Product

Not sure what template you want? Our NEW Template Clubs make choosing a template an easy proposition. Because with one of our new Clubs you obtain access to ALL our templates for a great and affordable price - starting for $45 for a 3 month Subscription.

Get Moveo and these best-selling templates

With one of our Template Clubs, you can get Moveo, our latest...

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