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Better Preview v3.4.3 released

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A new version of Better Preview has been released.

08-Jun-2015 : v3.4.3
^ Updated translations: uk-UA
# PRO Fixed issue with previews in zoo items/categories giving 404s

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Advanced Module Manager v4.22.9 released

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A new version of Advanced Module Manager has been released.

08-Jun-2015 : v4.22.9
# J2 Fixed issue with missing language string in version notice
# J3 Fixed issue with pagination in module list view not working when using the search field

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New Video Class: Joomla RSForm Pro

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When you need a form on your Joomla! site, whether it be a simple contact form, or a complex job application, RSForm Pro from RSJoomla is a great choice.

In this class, Rod introduces you to this extension while exploring the sample form. You'll then build a more advanced form, adding some of the advanced features to showcase the extension's flexibility.

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Questions on Structure Reform

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And a Small Guide to Volunteering and Liability

In the past weeks a member of our community raised questions about the structure reform and of potential issues with liability.

In the process of investigating these claims, and in dialogue with our Law firm ( and our insurance broker (, I realized that very few of our volunteers actually understand the liability...

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Raising the bar with Joomla 3 and PHP 5.4

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This is an announcement that we are raising the bar. As of June 1st, 2015, few days ago, we are dropping all support for Joomla 2.5 and PHP 5.3. Anyone still on those deprecated versions will not be able to use our new Joomla extension versions or receive support. Here's why.

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Phoca Rhein 3 Template released

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Phoca Rhein template version 3 has been released. Phoca Rhein template is a Joomla! 3 template.

Download: Phoca Rhein template download site

Demo: Phoca Rhein template demo site.



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Phoca Open Graph 3.0.2 Released

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Phoca Open Graph plugin version 3.0.2 has been released. It is Joomla! 3 plugin.


Phoca Open Graph plugin documentation site


Phoca Open Graph plugin download site


Phoca Open Graph and Site plugin demo site.



  • Added image intro and image fulltext - If image is set in plugin parameters then it will be used, if not then the intro image of article is...
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Phoca Guestbook 3.0.4 Released

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Phoca Guestbook version 3.0.4 has been released. This version is designed for Joomla! 3.4.

Demo: Joomla! 3 and Phoca Guestbook demo site

Download: Phoca Guestbook download site



  • Fixed problems with detecting URLs in post
  • Removed strict standard warnings

If you find any bug, please report it to Phoca Forum. Thank you.

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Store-Wide Sale - Save 50% on ALL our products

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Save 50% on Templates, Extensions & Training

For the next days only: get the templates and training you need 50% OFF. Save on ALL your purchases: Templates, Extensions, Clubs, and Training Plans.

Get 50% OFF using our promocode: STOREWIDE50

Unlimited Dev Club >> Sign Up Now

Get 12 mo of Templates + Extensions with Unlimited Domains and Rebrands (non-recurring) - Reg Price $199.

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Phoca Restaurant Menu 3.0.3 Released

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Phoca Restaurant Menu version 3.0.3 has been released. This version is designed for Joomla! 3.4.

Download: Phoca Restaurant Menu download site.

Demo: Phoca Restaurant Menu Demo site (Phoca Restaurant Menu and Joomla! 3 demo site).



  • Changed output of multilanguage header and footer - if not set then the common header or footer will be displayed
  • Changed ordering feature in...
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