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A tale of a hacked Joomla site

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Well not just one site but one hundred all on the same server, all running under the same user and some defaced.

Shit happens and when it does you know you are in for some long hours fixing the problem.

On this server there were a mix of Joomla 1.0, 1.5 and 1.7 web sites some of which were live sites and others were old demo and test installations long since forgotten and woefully out of...

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Joomla site: Видавництво «Смолоскип»

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Опис сайту

Видавництво «Смолоскип» засновано у 1967 року в місті Балтимор, США, і назване іменем Василя Симоненка. Першою книжкою, яка з’явилася друком у видавництві, була книжка Осипа Зінкевича «З...

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طراحی قالب در جوملا 1.5، 1.7 و 2.5

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نیاز به طراحی قالب‌های اختصاصی و سفارشی برای سایت‌های جوملایی زیاد احساس می‌شود. بسیاری از کاربران تمایل دارند تا قالب‌هایی سازگار با جوملا 1.5 یا 1.7 و یا جوملا 2.5 را مطابق با سلیقه شخصی خود ایجاد نمایند.

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Meet Joy, this week's beautiful new Template

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‎"Joy is the feeling of grinning on the inside" - Dr. Melba Colgrove

Despite the hard work and long hours, I believe everyone in the team is enjoying the 6-in-6 Challenge. Joy brings us half way through the Challenge as our 3rd of 6 templates to be released in as many weeks. I still believe our designs are getting better and better.

If it was just one template a week that we were releasing,...

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School Sale. Ready to Make Joomla Sing and Dance?

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This sale is for every person who feels that his or her Joomla skills are a diamond in the rough waiting to be polished. As Brian has expressed, unless you understand the terminology, principles, and secrets of Joomla, you will never make it sing and dance for you.  

Are you ready to learn to make Joomla sing and dance?

Do you know the difference between a stylist and a designer? A stylist...

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Phoca Download component 2.1.5 and Phoca Download Content Plugin 2.1.6 released

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Phoca Download component version 2.1.5 and Phoca Download Content plugin version 2.1.6 (Joomla! 1.7, Joomla! 2.5) have been released.

Download: Phoca Download component download site.

Download: Phoca Download Conent plugin download site.

Documentation: Phoca Download component documentation site.

Documentation: Phoca Download Conent plugin documentation site.

Demo: Phoca Download Plugin demo...

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ByAttribute 1.0.0 brings you widgets

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About a week ago, we released ByAttribute version 1.0.0 for Magento - the so-called stable version that everybody was waiting for such a long time. The first feature of this stable version is that nothing has become more stable than it already was - it's just a version-change. The second feature is that this new release brings widget-support. At last, something easier than hard-code XML-coding ...

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Joomla site: Літературний журнал «ПРОSTORY»

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Дизайн: Олександр Канарський

Опис сайту

«ПРОSTORY» — незалежний український літературний онлайн-журнал, який існує з 2008 року. Мета журналу публікація сучасної літератури та есеїстики, обговорення...

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redWIKI - The future of redCOMPONENT Documentation

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redWIKI - The future of redCOMPONENT documentation

Following Friday's release of redSHOP, we are delighted to share the news with you all today on a project which has been in development for some time and successfully went live this weekend.

Over the past few months, we have noticed a large volume of requests in both forum threads and e-mails for more information on what our...

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Joomla! 2.5.1, Joomla! 1.7.5 ja eesti keel

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Palju erinevat uut kraami on saadaval. Heidame kiire pilgu, mida uut meile siis eelmise nädala jooksul kätte anti.

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