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Admin Exile 2.3.5

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Admin Exile version 2.3.5 SQL injection

Update notice url


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EasySocial, Easyblog, JGive all in one with JUnite!

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Hello Everyone,

As promised, We are happy to announce the availability of jUnite which comes with lots & lots of awesome features. Yes, jUnite is here with Easysocial, Easyblog and JGive all in one.
This is a cool new fusion of all these 3 apps in one. Write and read blogs, use your EasySocial profile and while doing the same you can also view your campaigns and monitor vital stats for...

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Nooku - Jam, BREAD and some DCI salt

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October and November 2014 were busy months for us. We've been visiting various events (some small, some large). Technology wise, the Nooku Jam was the most interesting. Here's a view on the current state of the Nooku project and how this helped shape the Nooku Jam of 29/30 October 2014.

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Remove Duplicate jQuery files in Joomla With jQuery Easy

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One common problem is all CMS's is 3rd party software that loads extra scripts. This can often lead to slower sites or conflicts with other software on your site.

For example, In WordPress, Joomla and other platforms, it's not unusual for software to load their own jQuery libraries.

jQuery Easy is a Joomla plugin which helps fix common conflicts with jQuery files. The extension makes sure that...

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Which font should I use?

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I like fonts. I like to use different fonts. I have downloaded lots of fonts for different projects. Each time I start a new project I waste lots of time looking for the "perfect" font.

The problem is that I have forgotten what all of the fonts I already have look like so finding the right font is a slow and frustrating process. On my Mac I have fontbook which catalogs all my fonts and lets me...

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Tabs v4.0.3 released

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A new version of Tabs has been released.

14-Nov-2014 : v4.0.3
# JOOMLA 3.x Fixed issue with iframes not displaying correctly in inactive tabs

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Advanced Module Manager v4.18.0 released

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A new version of Advanced Module Manager has been released.

14-Nov-2014 : v4.18.0
+ [PRO] Added ability to enter html to prepend / append to the modules content (for all modules)
# [PRO] Fixed issues with duplicate rows in update_sites table

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Dummy Content v1.1.0 released

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A new version of Dummy Content has been released.

14-Nov-2014 : v1.1.0
+ Added translations: sv-SE
+ [PRO] Added 14 word lists, currently totalling 30
+ [PRO] Added ability to randomly add diacritical marks of 20 different languages
^ Refactored a lot of code
^ [PRO] Changed the way the word list examples are shown
# [PRO] Fixed issue with non-image fields not hiding in editor popup when...

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Frontend editing for Joomla is finally here!

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We are proud to announce the release of true frontend editing for Joomla like you've never experienced before.

Full of astonishing new features this beta release has been rebuilt from the ground up and after a year of development and testing we offer Joomla's first fully frontend inline editor - The Ark Editor.

Incorporating the profound new inline editing technology the Ark...

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Shika v1.0 Beta 4 is out!

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Hello Early Adopters!

We missed out on making proper announcements for the Beta 2 and Beta 3 releases which might mean a lot of you will not have had a chance to test those yet. However starting with this release, we’ll make sure you get updated on a weekly basis.  We encourage you to test the releases and contribute on the Exclusive Early Adopter forum for Shika and tell us your feedback....

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