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Celebrate Joomla's 10th Birthday

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On August 17th Joomla will be 10 years old. That's a truly amazing achievement for any open source project especially one that is 100% community run without any corporate overlord or backer. 10 years of a global community working together motivated not by money or personal gain but solely to create something that the world can use freely. As I look back to the events of August 2005 and the...
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My Membership Site is Up, Now What Do I Do?

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In my last article in JCM, I worked really hard to convince you that regardless of what business you are in, or even for non-business sites, you need to have a membership component to your site. Assuming that I did a reasonable job, you either have one in the works or are at least planning one. Now you want to know the most effective way to use membership in your own website, right? Answering...
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White Label Joomla Tutorials

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Section 3 of Joomla 3 Webmaster is now online and this completes the main part of this course. If you’re a web host, trainer or developer, you now have the unique opportunity to provide a non-branded version of this course to your customers.

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Image Optimization with WebResizer and ImageRecycle

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One of the biggest factors to a slow page load is unoptimized image sizes. The bigger the image, the more time it takes the browser to load it.

This tutorial will show you the two free tools that I use to optimize images quickly.

These services will be useful whether you use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any other platform.

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Create a Different Joomla Design for Any Page

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One of our users was wanting to have a different background for her site's home page.

Joomla does offer you several ways to customize individual pages.

This tutorial will introduce you to four Joomla options. Let's get started ...

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Googlebot Cannot Access CSS and JS Files

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Many website owners have recently received an email from Google with the title, "Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files".

It doesn't matter whether you're running WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or another platform entirely. Google has sent these emails to 100,000's of sites.

I'm going explain the issue that Google is complaining and how you can resolve it.

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Gusto Theme

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Welcome Gusto, our 2015 theme release that will make your mouth water with a modern widescreen layout and tons of features and options. Gusto comes with a number of exclusive demo pages, perfectly fitted for gastronomy related websites. It features new and improved Warp options as well as additional block designs.

Block Options

Gusto theme supports some useful options for all block layout...

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Come trasferire un sito Joomla da locale a remoto

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Esistono due procedure per trasferire un sito, una che possiamo definire “automatica” con il componente Akeeba Backup, la seconda che definiamo “manuale” che è quella che spiego in questo articolo.

Seguendo alla lettera questa guida sarà difficile sbagliare. Le ultime parole famose …..
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Araticlhess Module [mod_araticlhess]/[mod_araticlhes], all versions, fake/backdoor

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Araticlhess Module [mod_araticlhess]/[mod_araticlhes] is a fake module, which is intended to be injected into a hacked website and remain unrecognized.

Known versions often contain only XML file (not really required) and one or more PHP files which are in fact some backdoor/hacking scripts.

It is unknown if this module ever existed as non-malicious version, so any version should be...

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Thank You SysAdmins !!

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Your network is secure, your computer is up and running, and your webserver is still online. Why? Because you’ve got an awesome sysadmin (or maybe a whole IT department) keeping your business up and running. So say IT loud; say IT proud …

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