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Українська локалізація Joomla 2.5.22

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Оновлено український пакет локалізації для Joomla 2.5.22. Даний пакет містить невеликі виправлення та коректування класу для формування псевдонімів для URL-адрес.

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Pratique d’utilisation des Microdata dans Joomla! 3 et 2.5

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Avec la dernière mise à jour de Joomla! 3, de nombreuses améliorations ont été introduites pour les Microdata (qui sont également appelées Rich Snippets ou Structured Data). Récemment, des articles du Joomla! Community Magazine ont déjà expliqué les techniques de fond sur l’implémentation et la manière de travailler pour les développeurs. Cependant, beaucoup ont encore du mal...
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Hora de trabalhar!

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Quando aterrisei em Frankfurt, não sabia bem o que esperar. Essa viagem foi a primeira vez de várias coisas: minha primeira vez na Europa, minha primeira vez na Alemanha - um país que queria visitar há anos - e minha primeira vez em um J and Beyond.
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Roundup from JUG Corner - June 2014

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With 172 user groups around the world, there is always something exciting and interesting happening in the Joomla! Community! This is a monthly round-up highlighting new Joomla! User Groups, events, and reviews of JUG meetings. If you have anything you would like me to feature from your Joomla User Group please send me an email at You must be writing from a...
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Website Monitoring, Backup, and Two Cups of Coffee

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Being part of J and Beyond, has given me the pleasure of seeing old friends again, but also the opportunity to see that particular companies continue to be at the forefront. It is great to see that from the strong foundation that those companies made years ago due to their sponsorship, worldwide Joomla events have been able to take place, as well as other activities that the rest of the...
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Upcoming Joomla! Events

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There are a variety of Joomla! Events scheduled throughout July and August spanning North and South America, Africa and the UK. Joomla! User Group (JUG) meetings and JoomlaDays are intended for everyone from casual users to core developers. The Joomla! Developer Conference, to be held in August, is intended for experienced developers and programmers interested in developing with the Joomla!...
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Impressioni dal "Joomla and Beyond 2014"

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Lo scorso mese si è svolto nei pressi di Francoforte, l'ormai consueto evento Joomla and Beyond 2014, una delle più importanti conferenze per la community Joomla a livello internazionale.
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Time to get to WORK!

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When I landed at Frankfurt airport, I was not sure what to expect. That was a first time in many levels for me: my first time in Europe, my first time in Germany (which I longed to visit for decades) and my first time at a J and Beyond.
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Google Page Insights para otimizar o carregamento do Joomla

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Todo o site deveria ser feita essa otimização, tanto para poupar recursos do servidor, quanto para deixar o carregamento do site mais rápido. Vamos ver como fazer essa otimização do Joomla com base no Google Page Insights.
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The Developer's Balancing Act

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Walking the thin line between speed and accuracy... The developer life is not an easy one. Most would think the life of a developer is relatively safe and holds very little in the way of danger. I submit this is simply not the case. The daily routine of a developer involves a complex and oftentimes difficult routine which most will never see or understand. Quite similar to a tightrope walk. 
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