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Post your haikus for September

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Here is an easy and fun way for you to share your feelings about Joomla! with the rest of the community: Simply write a haiku about Joomla! below in the comments area of this month's page. Be sure to check back here to read the haikus submitted by other members of the community. We will have a page for new haikus in every upcoming JCM issue.
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Joomla! at the University of Haifa

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This article was written originally by Eden Orion in Hebrew. Eden will be one of the lecturers at Joomla!Day Israel 2011 on October 10th.
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Site Builders can Build Custom Joomla Components

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If you are a professional site builder, but not a professional developer, then you have likely wished you could quickly build custom Joomla! extensions that would allow you to collect exactly the data needed, presented in the precise manner, as required by your client.
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Take full control of your Twitter profile with Hootsuite Dashboard

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"TweetDeck, CoTweet, Seesmic… Which Social Media Dashboard should I choose?" If you are a Twitter user and want to manage your account efficiently, this question might not seem strange to you. Even so, this question cannot be answered easily since each program has its own advantages. We did research on popular Social Media Dashboards, finally choosing HootSuite because of its rich,...
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Our Joomla! Conjunction

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In the field of astronomy, when two or more celestial bodies appear close to each other, that event is called a conjunction. Astronomical conjunctions are beautiful and rare occurances in our night sky that don't last for very long. Right now an equally beautiful, rare and relatively short-lived convergence of multiple important milestones and activities are all taking place for our project....
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Getting Down in Cape Town: Joomla!Day South Africa

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On the 19th and 20th of August, the Joomla! community in South Africa (including guests from seven countries) came together in Cape Town, to share their experience, and to learn from each other.
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Joomla!: The Symphony

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In September, 2005, the lights went down, the last stragglers grabbed their seats, and the last few coughs were made. This audience had gathered for a Symphony of sorts, not the traditional masterpieces that have been performed on stages for centuries, but something new, an orchestration performed far from the domain of maestros and musicians.
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Community involvement: 10 ideas about how you can help in the Joomla! community (part 1 of 2)

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There are many ways to be involved in the Joomla! community. This article (part 1) presents some ideas about how you can help in the community. Part 2 will be available in next month's issue of JCM.
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LFI 300811
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redSHOP for J1.7

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Today we release redSHOP for J1.7.

Check out the full release notes here:

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