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Українська локалізація EasyDiscuss 2.0 (v.1.0)

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Перший вихід української локалізації компонента організації обговорень на сайті — EasyDiscuss 2.0.3945-v.1.0.

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Joomla site: Щоденна газета «Блик»

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Опис сайту

Он-лайн видання та щоденна газета «Блик» розповідає про життя політиків, зірок шоу-бізу, приватне життя, тощо.

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Mobile adjustments for google maps plugin

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If you want to configure the plugin differently for a mobile device then you need the plugin mobile content (need to register) or the plugin Mobile content switch.
These plugins allow to define different text inside an article based on mobile or desktop or more options.

With this plugin you can define for example:

{mosmap {mobile}height='250px'{/mobile}}

or the complete {mosmap}...

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Featured Photos Flipping Book module for Jomsocial

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This module shows your Jomsocial community's most popular (viewed) pictures (featured or not) in a nice jQuery Flipping Book.
Price: 7.00€
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Future-proof your multilingual web site with Josetta - the fastest and easiest translation solution

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Translation is one of the remaining technological hurdles in delivering the web to the widest possible audience. 

For years, Joomla and Mambo users have struggled to internationalize their web sites with third-party solutions. 

But with the release of Joomla 2.5, multilingual capabilities are now built right into the Joomla core. 

While third-party solutions are no longer necessary,...

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Josetta released

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Today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of Josetta 1.1.0 build 257, which is fully compatible with Joomla! 2.5!

This is a maintenance and feature release.

Release notes: New features for Josetta, the native translation manager for Joomla!: per language access, improved user interface with more filtering. Plus a few bug fixes and small changes.

Changelog Updates:

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New and improved support forums

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Building Joomla extensions that just work is only part of what we do. Working with our users to get feedback and improve our extensions is what counts most. Today we are happy to announce the availability of our new Joomlatools customer support forums. With the new service, our Member Center now has a designated area [...]
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Risultati del sondaggio Gzip e Cache

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Raggiunte le 500 risposte al sondaggio "Gzip e Cache", che è quindi stato chiuso, e sono ora disponibili i dati delle risposte.
Ringraziamo tutti coloro che hanno partecipato in queste due settimane di apertura del sondaggio. Aver coinvolto una così ampia base di partecipanti è già un ottimo risultato!
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Joomla site: Швидко

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Розробка та дизайн: Денис Носов

Опис сайту

Мережа ресторанів швидкого харчування «Швидко» розтошавана у Києві. Швидко — 11 років успішного досіду в громадському харчуванні, власна потужна...

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2012 Easter Sale

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Happy Easter Joomlashackers

We've worked hard to create a special promo for every taste. Use the Code easter2012 on all the promos except the Joomla Template Bundles. Use the code bunny on them

Developer Club and Life-Training Deals

Dev Club - 6 Mo Deal

Save $50 on the Dev Club - 6 Mo Subscription.

Get it Now

Dev Club - Lifetime Deal

Save $300 on the Dev Club - Life Membership.

Get it...

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