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Nuovo wiki per

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Disponibile il nuovo wiki di interamente dedicato alla versione 2.5 di Joomla e pronto poi ad ospitare la documentazione anche per le successive versioni.
Il nuovo ciclo di sviluppo del progetto impone maggiore ordine per la documentazione che riguarda le varie distribuzioni, il vecchio wiki dedicato a Joomla 1.5 rimarrà ancora disponibile all'attuale indirizzo.
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Keeping your Joomla web site safe with new version notifications

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As demonstrated last week with the release of Joomla 2.5.3, security issues can arise unexpectedly in the world of open source software.

Thus, it is hard to overstate the importance of keeping your web site updated with the latest version of Joomla and all the extensions you may have installed.

It is not surprising then that updates in Joomla 2.5 have become fast and easy within a built-in...

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Joomla en las elecciones andaluzas

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En anteriores artículos hemos visto cómo Joomla es capaz de crear webs de grupos de música o para la fiesta grande de una importante ciudad como Valencia.

En esta ocasión podemos ver que también los

Leer más...

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What happened with

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Good news. The new VirtueMart store of the virtuemart core team is now opened and using the official address This store uses multivendor to give 3rd party developers an easy possibility to sell their extensions for virtuemart. The idea is that the core team can be payed to ensure the ongoing development and enhancing of the virtuemart core. Maybe we can later offer...

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JoomlaDay, Last orders !

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Ladies and Gentleman, last orders ! 

Ceux qui sont déjà allé dans un pub irlandais savent ce que signifie cette phrase et le son de la cloche qui va avec : c'est la dernière tournée avant fermeture les amis ! Pour le JoomlaDay 2012 c'est la même chose : plus que quelques heures pour permettre aux derniers de s'inscrire, ensuite il sera trop tard.

Alors pour vous aider à vous décider de...

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Invitex 2.4 Beta 3 is here for testing!

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Beta3 for Invitex 2.4 is ready for testing. Note that this is a Beta & should not be used on live sites. However we invite you to Download it & take it for a test drive ! 
This release is pretty close to stable.. But we decided to wait till end of this week to let you guys take it for a roll & confirm that for us. If all is well, we plan to release a Stable with fixes for reported issues on...

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Andrea Tarr (Joomla PLT) komt naar de Joomla!Dagen

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LET OP: alleen vandaag nog krijg je 25% korting op je tickets voor de Joomla!Dagen 2012

Andrea Tarr is lid van het Joomla Production Leadership Team (PLT). Het Joomla PLT is verantwoordelijk voor alles dat in het eindproduct Joomla terecht komt, niet alleen de code, maar ook de documentatie, allerlei soorten internationalisering en lokalisering. Voor de Joomla!Dagen komt Andrea speciaal uit de...

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Joomla site: Вісті Придніпров'я

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Опис сайту

Обласна газета «Вісті Придніпров'я» — друковане та он-лайн видання із останніми новини Дніпропетровської області та Дніпропетровська.

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Tell Us: Which 6-in-6 Challenge Joomla Template did you like best?

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The Question: Which Joomla 2.5 Template do you like best?

N6, Joy, Oficina, Studio, Cube and Simpletech. Help us determine our design direction by voting for your favorite Joomla Template. Never before in our history had we ever attempted something like our 6-in-6 Challenge to release 6 Joomla Templates in as many weeks. Even though N6 was late, we still released 6 Joomla Templates in 8 weeks...

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Нова стабільна версія компонента галереї JoomGallery 2.0 ACL

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Вийшла нова стабільна версія безкоштовного компонента, для організації досить потужної графічної галереї на сайті — JoomGallery 2.0 ACL. Ця версія тепер працює з Joomla! 2.5, а доповнення у назві ACL означає, що у компоненті...

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