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Inscríbete en el Joomla GSoC2012

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Esta abierta la fase en que el Google Summer of Code, y aquí hago la invitación especifica para el proyecto Joomla!, está abierta a estudiantes, incluso los que ya actúan profesionalmente pero que poseen vínculos con instituciones de enseñanza. Para quien aun no lo sabe, el GSoC es una excelente oportunidad tanto para el currículo como de realización personal, de obtener ayuda directa...
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When in Rome, do as the Romans do, in Japan!

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This is really true. I have been observing several overseas companies entering into the Japanese Joomla market, but they only last for a year or so. The reason is, they do not follow "When in Rome, do as the Romans!" Please look at the design taste and language. Building Joomla sites may be the same, but there are always some native ingredients included and involved. The overseas Joomla firms...
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Nine Points to Leverage when Selling a Joomla! 2.5 Upgrade

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While the release of Joomla! 2.5 was a great success for Joomla! and its community, it also left a lot of your clients running older versions wondering "what do I do now? Should I upgrade now or wait until later?" This article will highlight some key aspects that will aid your clientele in making a sound business decision.
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Maximizing Your Agency's Joomla! Expo Experience

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The top Joomla! agencies rely upon industry events to help stay on top of their game through networking and education. Luckily, the Joomla! community is blessed to have many amazing events, expos, and conferences throughout the year. Whether it’s a local JDay or an international event such as J! & Beyond, each event offers a valuable opportunity to grow your Joomla! business. In this article...
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5 Vital Items to Consider When Raising Your Hourly Rate

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Have you ever wanted to raise your rates but were unsure as to the best approach?  Maybe you were worried that clients would leave or didn’t know if the time was right. Continuing on the path from last month’s article about properly setting your hourly rates, I recently had a discussion with colleagues Belldon Colme, Tim Giebelhaus, Roz Bennetts and Andrew Rudin and summarized our chat...
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Website Case Study: Global Online Magazine

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They wanted a news site developed that could be easily replicated across several domains — each with a custom design — for each of their publications. Enter Joomla! and K2.
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Joomla! GSoC 2012

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The Joomla project is gearing up to participate in this year’s Google Summer of Code program, and there are a lot of really great ideas that have been developed. The proposals that students have submitted to Joomla this year have been generated from our GSoC Idea List, something that the community helped us generate before we could even submit our GSoC application to Google. We’re very...
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Are You Sure You Want To Do It Yourself?

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Because of the rise (and continuous improvement) of Content Management Systems like Joomla!, companies are more capable than ever of maintaining their own websites. However, deciding whether or not to actually maintain your own website (or pay a web design company to do it for you) is a more complicated decision than most people would think.
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J!Day Guatemala & J!Platform

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During the first week of March Joomla! Day Guatemala was took place, with many speakers and workshops. There were people who were very interested in Joomla! and web development, but also those who were particularly interested in the Joomla! Platform.
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Award-winning Joomla web site featured by Apple in the new iPad campaign

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At the 2011 Joomla! Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition Awards or J!OSCARS, the Guggenehim Art Museum received a well-deserved nod for best non-profit web site.
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