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MijoShop, 2.4.x - 2.5.x,

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MijoShop, 2.4.x - 2.5.x, SQL Injection

Extension Update Details 2.5.2


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Sliders v4.0.4 released

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A new version of Sliders has been released.

12-Nov-2014 : v4.0.4
# JOOMLA 3.x Fixed issue with sliders not opening on IE9 again (grrrrrr!)

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Кэш в Joomla – разбираемся в деталях

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В этом материале мы постарались разложить всю информацию о кэше в Joomla по полочкам. Вы узнаете, какие типы кэша существуют в Joomla, в чем их разли...

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MijoShop 2.5.2 Security update released

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Today we released MijoShop 2.5.2 which is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x versions. This is a High Level SQL Injection Vulnerability release so an immediate update is highly recommended for all of our members.

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Use Google Maps API's to show a map (based on location)

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Hey Guys,

We come across situations where locating a place becomes imperative, whether it's a venue for an event, site office or anything. Just to make sure that this  problem is overcomed, you need to add google maps support in your extensions, website and applications wherever necessary. This can be achieved with the help of certain information like the IP addess, Latitudes and...

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NoNumber Extension Manager v4.6.3 released

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A new version of NoNumber Extension Manager has been released.

12-Nov-2014 : v4.6.3
# Fixed issue with download urls not passing correct data

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Tabs v4.0.2 released

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A new version of Tabs has been released.

11-Nov-2014 : v4.0.2
# [PRO] Fixed issues with duplicate rows in update_sites table
# JOOMLA 3.x Fixed issue with W3C markup issues
# JOOMLA 3.x Fixed issue with tabs being styled differently on small screens when not using responsive view
# JOOMLA 3.x[PRO] Fixed issue with scrolling not working in responsive view

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Modals v5.0.6 released

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A new version of Modals has been released.

11-Nov-2014 : v5.0.6
^ Moved modals scripts to self-contained function which can be triggered by initModals()
# [PRO] Fixed issues with duplicate rows in update_sites table

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Email Protector v1.3.5 released

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A new version of Email Protector has been released.

11-Nov-2014 : v1.3.5
# Fixed issue with invalid markup of the html comment, causing W3C check to fail

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UIkit 2.12 released

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As we come nearer to the holiday season, we have yet another UIkit update for you in store. UIkit 2.12 comes with two new components, some useful additions to existing ones and a couple of bugfixes. The Slideshow and Caption are the first of many new JavaScript components that we will introduce in the future and which will be part of Widgetkit 2.

Slideshow component

UIkit now...

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