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Скидка 10% на шаблоны от RoundTheme

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Скидка от клуба шаблонов RoundTheme в размере 10% на тарифы Personal и Business.

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Update - Emerald v.9.821 Stable

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New version of Emerald 9.281 - Joomla coolest membership paid subscriptions extensions.

Starting from Joomla 1.0 (JContentSubscription) Emerald is the most innovative membership extension. And I think the only extensions that allow users to subscribe without registration process. User only enter email and continue to payment. Emerald takes care of everything. It creates account,...

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Visit us! 2.4: use SVG icons for your markers

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Raster images are a great way to create custom labels for your card Visit us!, but SVG icons are even more: they are light, they can be enlarged, reduced, colored, transformed..
There is no more need to create an image in Photoshop in 10 different colors to create your 10 markers: one svg icon allows you to work.

Where to find them? A site like and its app are a very good starting...

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Update - Cobalt v.8.582 Stable

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New version of Cobalt 8.581 - Joomla incredible CCK is here.

GEO Field Enhancements

In this version we improved Address & Map (geo) field. This field already can do a lot of things. Save address, contact details, map position, fill address from map position or vise versa.

It can show then all articles on the map, grouping them into clusters. Show different layers like weather, hitmap,...

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نصب WampServer روی ویندوز 7 و 8.1

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برخی کاربران جوملا با نصب و راه اندازی نرم افزارهای شبیه ساز محیط سروری لینوکسی روی سیستم عامل ویندوز مشکل دارند. نرم افزارهای مختلفی در این زمینه وجود دارند که ابتدا به آموزش نصب WampServer می پردازیم.

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Usare Boostrap in Joomla

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Come molti di voi sapranno dalla versione 3 di Joomla è stato implementato il framework “twitter boostrap” una fantastica estensione che ci semplificherà di molto la realizzazione dei template.

Boostrap può essere usato su qualsiasi piattaforma web, dal semplice sito statico al cms più complesso, il vantaggio di avere questo framework all'interno del core di Joomla è che tutto il...

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Three Ways to Determine if Your Website is Attracting Leads

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You could have what you think is the most attractive and compelling website in the world, complete with eye-catching graphics, information about your company and your products, and coupons and discounts on your services. But in order to be sure … Continue reading

The post Three Ways to Determine if Your Website is Attracting Leads appeared first on 'corePHP' Blog.

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Come personalizzare Pannello di controllo in Joomla 3

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Ciao a tutti,
Eccomi qui con una mini guida molto semplice su come personalizzare il Pannello di controllo in   3.x.
Questa guida potrebbe tornare utile e interessante quando dopo il login, all'utente viene mostrato un messaggio personalizzato, un messaggio che magari gli ricorda un qualcosa da fare, o semplicemente un messaggio di benvenuto.
Non impiega molto tempo o conoscenze avanzate...
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เกี่ยวกับ ไมโครดาต้าในจูมล่า 3

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โดย Simon Kloostra

การอัพเดทล่าสุดในจูมล่า 3 นั้น มีการปรับปรุงหลายอย่างซึ่งถูกนำเสนอในนามของไมโครดาต้าหรือบางครั้งเรียกว่า Rich Snippets หรือ Structured Data ...

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Nooku Framework возвращается!

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