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Always look on the bright side of life?

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When I was 13 years old Monty Python released the movie "The Life of Brian". What a pain! All through my teenage years fans of the movie, and there were a lot in England, would walk up to me and shout " Brian, he's not the messiah he is a very naughty boy". (If you've not seen the movie you really should). Trust me on this after the tenth time it really isn't very funny.

The closing scene of...

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Community Builder 2.0 on kohal

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Community Builder on Joomla komponent, mille abil saab luua kogukonnasaite. Ja nüüd on saadaval uus suuremat laadi versiooniuuendus.

Loe edasi...

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NoNumber Extension Manager v4.5.1 released

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A new version of NoNumber Extension Manager has been released.

13-Oct-2014 : v4.5.1
# Fixed issue with missing language string for DUMMY_CONTENT_DESC

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Track Google Analytics Clicks and Downloads in Joomla

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Over the last week, several people have asked us about tracking Google Analytics "events" on their Joomla site.

"Events" describe anything from clicking on an external link to leave your site or downloading a file from your site.

Advanced Google Analytics is a plugin that can track all the events you need. Here's how to set it up and use it:

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Boek review: Basiscursus voor Joomla! 3 Herziene Editie

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Schrijver boek: Eric Tiggeler

Doel aanschaf boek

Het doel waarom ik dit boek aangeschaft heb is vanwege een Basiscursus die ik voor Joomla! ga verzorgen. Het boek moet aanvulling zijn op de Basis cursus die ik ga geven. De cursisten kunnen dit boek bestellen.

Reden waarom ik voor dit boek gekozen heb

Tijdens de Nederlandse Joomladagen in maart dit jaar, heb ik een presentatie over tags...

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JL TV - компонент ТВ программы для Joomla 3

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Состоялся релиз компонента ТВ программы для Joomla - JL TV. Обновление получило версию 3.0, теперь компонент ТВ программы совместим с Joomla 3.

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I corsi Joomla! fanno tappa a Milano, Bologna e Roma

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Sono aperte le iscrizioni per i corsi Joomla! (iniziativa in collaborazione fra Joomlahost e che si terranno in novembre a Milano e Bologna mentre il prossimo mese di dicembre a Roma e nuovamente a Milano.

Disponibili varie tipologie di corso differenti per durata, prezzo, argomenti e preparazione necessaria.

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Top 5 Joomla Virtuemart Templates You Can’t Miss

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Till now, Virtuemart still is the most popular platform for Joomla e-commerce. Besides, a lot of Virtuemart templates are published on the internet for the best experience of using this component. If you own a Virtuemart website, you can’t miss this post. The reason is it will show you the top 5 best Virtuemart templates on the market.

So, what are they?

Till now, Virtuemart still...

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JCal Pro® Released

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Today we announce the immediate availability of JCal Pro® 3.2.17 (build 4052), which is fully compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.3!

This is a minor maintenance release.

This release includes a fix for a reported issues introduced in the previous release that caused errors on some Joomla 3 sites.

Most notably this release: Bug fix.

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Roadmap for the Mobile App v2.0

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Hiya Everyone!

First, thank you very much for all the suggestions and improvements you suggested to all of the apps. As promised, putting down here the features and plan for the v2.0 of the combined app (P.S. It's v2.0 directly to avoid any version naming confusion). The combined app will sport Easysocial, Easyblog & JGive to start with. Here's a list of features for each section that will be...

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