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"J-ClassifiedsManager" by CMSjunkie

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"J-ClassifiedsManager" by CMSjunkie, versions before 2.1.0, SQL injection


Update to 2.1.0


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Subscription changes for GiBi VMprivacy

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Starting from 1. May 2015 the subscription terms for our GiBi VMprivacy extension will change.

The duration will change from 3 to 12 months, and following that, the price will change to € 39.

Read below for details.


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Tooltips v3.7.11 released

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A new version of Tooltips has been released.

24-Apr-2015 : v3.7.11
# J3 Fixed issue with error about editor button on frontend not working in some cases
# J3 FREE Fixed issue with error about undefined property disable_components
# J3 FREE Fixed issue with html style content (containing tag) no long being interpreted as html

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redWEB og Odense Kommune lancerer ny social platform

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Nærværk bliver en ”konkollega” til Facebook. Tjenesten lanceres i dag i en såkaldt alpha version og er tilgængelig for borgere i Odense kommune.

Read more

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We are the 1%, building Joomla for the 99%

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I love Joomla, I love the power and flexibility that Joomla gives me. I love the way that I can customise everything in Joomla.

I read the documentation. I update everything as soon as possible. I take automatic backups daily. I customise every little thing that I can. I am the 1%.

Chances are that if you are reading this then you are part of the 1% as well.

We need to be honest with...

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New Release 4.6.0 of GooglebaseXML

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We have a major new release of our popular Google product feed component for Joomla and Virtuemart, GooglebaseXML. Version 4.6.0 introduces support for many new Google product feed attributes, including: multipack, is bundle, adult, adwords redirect, custom labels, excluded destination, unit pricing, expiry date, energy efficiency rating and promotion id.

This release introduces two new...

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Powered by EasyBlog

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When we needed a blogging platform for Component Creator we did our research and decided that EasyBlog by StackIdeas was the right choice for us. We chose it because it is simply the most robust blogging platform for Joomla.

We contacted StackIdeas and asked if they wanted to sponsor us a free version in return for telling the world why we chose it. They agreed and this blog post is the...

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April Showers Sale - Save up to 40%

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April Showers Sale brings great discounts

The Shack took advantage this season and instead of bringing May Flowers, it is bringing great discounts. Save up to 40% on ALL Templates, Extensions, Training and Developer Clubs.

Use promocode: APRIL40 (code is case sensitive).

Save up to 40% on your favorites:

Unlimited Developer Club - 12 mo

Get ALL our Templates for 12 months. Unlimited rebrand...

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"Simple Email Form" by, 1.8.5 and older

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"Simple Email Form" by, 1.8.5 and older; XSS

Resolution: update to version 1.8.6

Update notice URL:

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Video Corso Developer Joomla! 2015 - Introduzione e concetti di programmazione

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Presentiamo due nuovi video, il primo di 17 ed il secondo di 23 minuti, registrati durante la lezione del corso Developer Joomla!, iniziativa in collaborazione fra Joomlahost e
Viene descritto perchè scegliere il CMS Joomla come base applicativa per lo sviluppo di estensioni, un ripasso dei costrutti PHP, analisi della Programmazione a Oggetti e descritti i concetti di OOP nel...
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