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ติดตั้ง Joomla! บนเครื่อง แล้วค้างระหว่างติดตั้ง !!

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หลายคนมักเกิดปัญหาขณะติดตั้ง Joomla! ลงในเครื่องคอมพิวเตอร์ของตัวเอง (localhost) มักจะเกิดอาการค้างระหว่างติดตั้ง โดยสังเกตว่า Process bar...

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Updates about VirtueMart 3, Support Membership

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VirtueMart 3, Core is ready for testing

We finally can announce that the VirtueMart 3 core is ready as Release Candidate 2.9.8. Now the remaining job is to test the core intensively on joomla 3.3 and to add missing backward compatibility for easy updating. As far we can see all API changes are done.

The primary task is now to test the plugins, adjust them to the new joomla 2.5 style and if...

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Happy 4th of July! Our great ongoing sale extended!

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Happy 4th of July! Take 40% OFF of EVERYTHING!

Today you can SAVE 40% on EVERYTHINGHere's how it works:

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- Joomla Templates, 40% OFF

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- Great Values on our Extension Clubs

Get Shackslides,...

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Shika - Changing the face of learning in Joomla. Development updates !

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If you have been following our blog, you will know that we are close to launching a brand new Social Learning system for Joomla.  Its an exciting time for us and development is in full swing ! This blog will give you a quick update on where we are.  If you want to know more about Shika - the Social Joomla LMS, read our Labs Post here

We would love to hear your feedback about what you think...

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Election du bureau de l'AFUJ

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Lors de l’Assemblée générale de l’AFUJ à l'occasion du Joomladay de Paris le 24 mai dernier, un nouveau Conseil d’Administration a été élu par nos membres.

Lundi 23 juin, ce nouveau C.A. s’est réuni pour procéder à l’élection du nouveau bureau de l’AFUJ pour la saison 2014 — 2015, dont le résultat est le suivant :

  • Président : Éric LAMY
  • Vice-Président : Patrick JOLLANT
  • Trésorier : Nicolas...
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Menu Trigger

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Vi presento un modulo molto carino ed interessante per poter creare nel vostro sito Joomla! un menù a tendina del tipo generalmente utilizzato nei telefoni cellulari, con l'icona che vedete qui a destra, che si espande al clic.
La tendina si espande disponendo le voci di menu orizzontalmente per monitor di 800px o superiori, mentre le voci di menu si dispongono verticalmente per risoluzioni...
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Flexi Content Plugin for J!MailAlerts

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What does it do ?

The Flexi Content plugin for J!MailAlerts allows site users to subscribe to various Flexi Item updates. They can opt to get Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly digests of the article activity on your website.

The User can decide what Categories to receive updates for and how many articles to include in an update.

Frontend User view to let user configure his...

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JURSSPublisher 3.5

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Обновлен компонент JURSSPublisher 3.5. Добавлена поддержка удаления элементов форматирования новостей при экспорте лент, исправленодублирование атрибутов для SEO и социальных сетей и обновлены языковые файлы....

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Вышел релиз безопасности компонента sh404SEF 4.4.4 коммерческого расширения расширений для создания SEF-ссылок в Joomla 2.5/Joomla 3. Исправлена критическая ошибка безопасности. Разработчики настоятельно рекомендуют...

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Techjoomla football bonanza. Daily prizes to be won!

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We already have an offer is going on for FIFA World Cup 2014. We will be giving Flat 30% off on all products. However as the football fever is heating up we thought of making it more interesting and give away free subscriptions FREE daily.

Guess the winner for each quarter-final matches and win prizes.

Quarter-final match starting from 4th july. 1 day, 2 matches. Fill the form and win. Form...

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