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Hosting: Awesome Revenue Stream or Big Headache?

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As web developers we have all dealt with the decision of how to best provide website hosting for our clients. It can be a great source of passive income if you make the right decisions or it can be your worst nightmare losing you precious time and coveted client relationships. In this article we will analyze the different hosting methodologies and what to look out for to make sure a hosting...
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.htaccess File That FREAKIN Works!

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Did you know you can dramatically decrease the size and increase the speed of your website using only .htaccess? Automatic compression of resources, ETags and Expires Headers are frequently overlooked items that can greatly improve your website's performance. This article will attempt to explain in non-geek speak what they are, what they do and how to employ them on your own sites.
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Project: Workflow Engine

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I am Florian Voutzinos, a 22 year old Frenchman living in Toulouse. I've studied engineering in Aeronautics during three years, now student in fundamental Physics, I would like to join a school or University of Informatics. The Google Summer of Code project I am working on is the Workflow engine for the Joomla core.
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Project: Javascript and CSS Compression API

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The goal of this project is to come up with a library for Joomla Platform which will facilitate compressing and combining of JavaScript and CSS files before they are sent to the client browsers.   
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Project: Language Installer for Joomla!

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 Hi, my name is Javier Gómez and I've been elected to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2012 program.
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جوملا از ابتدا - بخش اول: جوملا چیست؟

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سری آموزشی جوملا از ابتدا، جهت آشنایی تازه کاران با جوملا، توسط تیم جهانی ایگلت تهیه شده است. در طی این سری آموزشی، با این نرم افزار آشنا می گردید و قادر به ساخت یک سامانه ی تحت وب با جوملا خواهید بود. ما با هدف توسعه ی...
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Project: RESTful Web Service API

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I always wanted to get involved in a big open source project such as Joomla. This year, Google Summer of Code gave me this huge opportunity to join Joomla community and build something that many developers can take the benefit of.
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Summer of Opportunity

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Where can a young university student or graduate participate in a prestigious summer project, create something original and new, learn from experienced mentorship, while proposing and determining his or her own specific idea? Joomla and the Google Summer of Code, that's where!
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Hurt Me Plenty

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I've been playing Doom 2 quite a bit lately. It's an old first person shooter, released in 1994, in which the player navigates through a hellish landscape fighting monsters.
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Diseños de una sola página

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En el área del diseño y desarrollo de webs, encontramos muchas agencias y diseñadores gráficosque ofrecen sus servicios por Internet. Muchas veces visitamos sus sitios y vemos con envidiacomo aplican fantásticos efectos a sus sitios web y ya quisieramos nosotros a veces poderimplementar más de alguno a nuestros sitios desarrollados con Joomla!.
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