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Helft mit, Joomla 3 zu verbessern

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Auf der Community-Seite von kann man seit gestern einen Aufruf lesen, indem die Community um Hilfe gebeten wird: Help us Test Joomla 3. Aufgrund dessen wurde in der deutschsprachigen Community eine Umfrage gestartet. Idee ist, im deutschsprachigen Raum eine Plattform dafür zu schaffen für alle, die lieber in Deutsch Feedback geben und kommunizieren möchten. Vorderhand geht es...

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Joomla! World Conference 2012

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Joomla!’s first World conference is just around the corner! Set for November 16th-18th in the heart of Silicon Valley, USA, the Joomla! World Conference brings together Joomla users, builders, and developers from around the world. For one weekend, the international Joomla community will meet for a first of its kind event in the Joomla world.
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Post your Haikus for September

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Here is an easy and fun way for you to share your feelings about Joomla! with the rest of the community: Simply write a haiku about Joomla! below in the comments area of this month's page. Be sure to check back here to read the haikus submitted by other members of the community. We will have a page for new haikus in every upcoming JCM issue.
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اولین جشنواره جوملا در جهان در تقویم وقایع جوملا! ثبت شد.

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به گزارش روابط عمومی کمیته برگزاری اولین جشنواره جوملا، طبق درخواست ثبت شده در تقویم وقایع جوملا!، و بررسی و تایید آن، اولین فستیوال جوملا در جهان در ایران برگزار می شود.

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TOP-IX organizza un corso sui big data

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BIG DIVE 1 - 26 Ottobre, Torino - La risposta è nei DATI, anzi nei BIG DATA
Ogni giorno vengono riversate in rete le enormi quantità di dati prodotte nei più svariati settori di attività: finanza, sanità, logistica, turismo, educazione, etc. senza dimenticare storie, foto, video, opinioni ed emozioni personali condivise nei social network.
Il dato è l'unità fondamentale della conoscenza....
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Help Us Test Joomla 3

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We're getting ready for the release of Joomla 3.0 and we appreciate you helping us find and fix problems as we work.

You can download a copy of the current codebase from Github.

If you haven't done testing before here are some tips.

  • Don't delete the installation folder when you finish installing! While we're working we turn that security feature off to make it easier to test.
  • Go to global...
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Implementing Role-Based ACL

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A role represents the permissions and access needed to do a task. Once roles have been set-up, one can intuitively assign, aggregate, transfer, and share these roles among CMS users. Here is a straight-forward approach to implementing roles in Joomla.
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Volunteers needed for the Trademark Team

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The Trademark team is improving our processes, but we need your help.
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JoomlaDay Events in September 2012

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As we go into spring in the Southern hemisphere, and autumn in the North, the local Joomla! communities are organizing six JoomlaDay events in the month of September.
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Montando o servidor web para seu site em Joomla!

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Muitas pessoas questionam a segurança do CMS Joomla, por desconhecerem que a maioria dos ataques bem sucedidos, ocorrem a nível de servidor.
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