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Как восстановить пароль суперадминистратора в Joomla 2.5

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Со времени выхода Joomla 1.0 прошло больше 7 лет, но вопрос восстановления доступа к учетной записи суперадминистратора по-прежнему актуален. Что делать если забыл пароль заданный при первоначальной установке?...
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In-book: un libro digitale immersivo, interattivo e collaborativo

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Inbooki è una piattaforma web gratuita per la fruizione e lettura di e-book interattivi, immersivi e collaborativi che si adattano al "mondo" del lettore (li chiamiamo “in-book”).

Gli in-book sono:

  • Immersivi, perché consentono agli autori di predisporre varianti al procedere del testo basati su diverse funzionalità e dati: la localizzazione dell’utente, il meteo, i dati anagrafici del...
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Rendering Zoo Records flexibly - Example with Record lists

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Zoo is one of the most versatile CCK extensions available in Joomla. Its flexible & at the same time easy to use for end users. Inspite of these positive points, there are times when you have to dive into development & Zoo APIs to develop your own custom views.

In this particular case, we wanted to develop a List/Grid view with Zoo ( of a particular Content Type)  which showed all Zoo...

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Bijeenkomsten van Joomla! gebruikersgroepen in november

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In okober zullen er 10 bijeenkomsten plaatsvinden van Joomla Gebruikersgroepen in Nederland en België. Doe Joomla kennis op, deel jouw kennis en leer andere Joomla gebruikers kennen!

Iedereen is van harte welkom op een van de bijeenkomsten, van beginnende Joomla gebruikers tot ervaren ontwikkelaars. De toegang is in de meeste gevallen gratis, soms worden nog de kosten voor de zaalhuur gedeeld...

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Last day to...

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Last day to benefit from exceptional discount on bundle 10 commercial plugins rules for AlphaUserPoints 1.7.x and 1.8.x


Today, opportunity to buy the bundle 10 commercial rules available for Joomla 1.6.x to 2.5.x


  4.   version 1.8.1
  5.  version...
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Det er ikke bare skæg...

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redWEB er denne november med til at indsamle midler og sætte fokus på mænds sundhed. Medarbejderne startede den 1. november, helt glat barberet, på hver især at anlægge sig et overskæg.

Hvert år i november beder Movember mænd over hele verden om at anlægge overskæg, for at sætte fokus på og indsamle midler til kampen mod mænds sundhedsproblemer.

Ved at være levende reklamesøjler...

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Multilanguage in 3.0.2 What's new?

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In the 1.7 release of Joomla! was introduced a cool functionnality, Menu Items Associations for a Multilanguage site.


It's a pleasure to announce here that Joomla 3.0.2 is bringing an improvement all have been waiting for:

Items Associations

It is limited in 3.0.2 to the articles and articles categories, but...

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Metropolis November 2012 Template Released

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Metropolis, the November 2012 template release, is an elegantly designed theme, combining simple color schemes and shades to complement an array of different content setups. An excellent style layer above the responsive Gantry core.

The template's content functionality is powered by RokSprocket, which has integrated styling for Metropolis. A standard assortment of features are also included.

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13 Reasons To Sponsor CMS Expo

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The 2013 CMS Expo Call For Sponsors is now open!

We sold out last year, and will sell out this year as well, so if you're interested in getting your message in front of the movers and shakers in the content world, now's the time to step up! Now in its 7th year, the 2013 CMS Expo's mission is to "Shine the spotlight on today’s leading CMSs and the people who use them."

In less than a decade,...

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First Joomla User Group Meetup in Bangladesh

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On 13th October, Joomla User Group Bangladesh arranged a meetup for the first time in Bangladesh. The event was held at the Priyo Tech Office and arranged by some energetic Joomla enthusiasts. Not all of those attendants were Joomla users, and so that was a great way to introduce more people to Joomla through this meetup. It was really mass attendance beyond our imagination and we were tight...
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