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Post your Haikus for December

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Here is an easy and fun way for you to share your feelings about Joomla! with the rest of the community: Simply write a haiku about Joomla! below in the comments area of this month's page. Be sure to check back here to read the haikus submitted by other members of the community. We will have a page for new haikus in every upcoming JCM issue.
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Automating Your Component Demo Site

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These days almost all Joomla! developers have a demo site to display their component for testing. It really doesn’t matter if you give your component away or if you are offering it for purchase; most users expect to be able to test the functionality and “see it in action” before they purchase or waste their time downloading and installing on their own site. This means as a component...
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The First Community Choice Extensions Winners! - December 2012

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After much deliberation and consideration, the JCM Team has come up with the very first Top Ten Community Choice Extensions! We had almost 150 submissions and the competition was tough!
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The Conference Crasher

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So, let me start by saying I wasn’t a Joomla Guy. I was a web application guy that was used to using frameworks like Codeigniter and Ruby on Rails. I met the guys at who were building a really exciting service for freelance journalists. I asked them what they were writing it in and they said “Joomla.” My first reaction was, “Really?”
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Help the Joomla Certification Program Come Alive! - A Call for Volunteers

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We are really excited that the Joomla community chose certification as one of the major areas to focus on in the recent survey. The Joomla certification program will be a key factor in furthering the growth, development and success of Joomla.
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Leadership Highlights - December 2012

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The Joomla! Joint Leadership summit was an excellent opportunity to spend time together as one big group, share ideas, plan and increase our understanding of each team's ongoing work. 
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زبان پویای شیوه‌نامه‌ها LESS

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همانطور که می‌دانید CSS زبانی‌ است که از آن به منظور اعمال فرمت، سبک نمایش، و نحوه ارائه مستند‌های نوشته‌ شده به زبان‌های نشانه‌گذاری استفاده به عمل می‌آید. بیشترین استفاده‌ای که از این زبان در حال حاضر می‌شود...

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Joomla!Day in der Schweiz am 21. September 2013

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Immer wieder hörte man die Frage: wann gibt es wieder einen Joola!Day in der Schweiz? - Nun ist es endlich soweit. Der Verein Joomla!Club organisiert nächstes Jahr den zweiten Joomla!Day in der Schweiz. Erste Referenten und Sponsoren haben bereits zugesagt, erste Helfer sind auch bereits da.

Die Site ging heute online:
Wer mithelfen möchte, kann dies unter

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Joomla!Day Schweiz 2013

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Die Spatzen pfiffen es schon von den Dächern. Am 21. September 2013 wird in Bern der 2. Joomla!Day der Schweiz organisiert.

Nach fünf Jahren Pause wollen sich die Joomla!Freunde aus der ganzen Schweiz und den Nachbarländern wieder einmal treffen.

Nach dem Workshop mit Hagen Graf im vergangenen Oktober in Bern liebäugelten einige Teilnehmer über die Möglichkeit, wieder so einen Tag auf...

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Joomla Common Payments API Released at Joomla World Conference, 2012

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We are proud to announce that Techjoomla "Common Payments API for Joomla" was released as free GPL code at the Joomla World conference 2012 held at San Jose this month. 

This release is focussed towards all our developer friends in the community & will benefit end users as well making payment plugins available more easily & for many extensions at the same time.

Every other project executed in...

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