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Joomla! é a solução perfeita

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Espero que este artigo possa ajudar a ti e a mim tambem. Eu trabalho com Joomla! já algum tempo, eu melhorei muito o meu conhecimento desdo Joomla 2.5.5, o tempo passou e arranjei um trabalho e mais tarde voltei para a faculdade. Joomla! é, para mim, o melhor CMS, eu ja criei dois projectos pessoais graças a este CMS.
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Призываем всех экспертов, авторов и энтузиастов по миграции на Joomla! 3

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Передавайте свои экспертные знания по миграции дальше! Обладаете экспертным советом по миграции на Joomla! 3? Как насчет какой-либо замечательной истории о клиенте из ада и миграции? Может быть Вы набросали отличные...
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Leadership Highlights May 2015

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It’s been awhile since the last leadership update was published in the Joomla Community Magazine. But that certainly doesn’t mean nothing is happening in leadership... on the contrary.
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Calling all Joomla! 3 Migration Experts, Storytellers and Enthusiasts!

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Pass your expert Migration knowledge on! Do you have expert Joomla! 3 Migration advice?  How about a great story on the client from hell and migration? Do you have some top tips scratched out on a post-it that you’d like to share? Are you a newbie Joomla! enthusiast with some basic knowledge you could  pass on to other newbie Joomlites?
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VEL Programming Volunteers Needed

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The Joomla Vulnerable Extension List, is a public list published by of reported plugins, extensions, modules and/or templates from 3rd party developers that have known or resolved security issues with them.
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Joomla! Is the Perfect Solution

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I hope this article can help both you and me. I have been working with Joomla! for some time now, and I've improved my knowledge of it since version 2.5.5. As time went by, I got a job and then went back to college. Joomla! is the best CMS in my opinion, and thanks to it I have already created two personal projects.
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Uma Abordagem Mais Simples

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Lembra do Mambo? E do tema "rhuk-milkyway"? Pegue um site de bom tamanho que aos olhos do público parecia administrável, mas na verdade era um intranet gigante.
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Вышла версия AllVideos plugin 4.7.0 - релиз безопасности и новые возможности

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Команда JoomlaWorks выпустила обновление для плагина AllVideos - версия 4.7.0, совместимая с Joomla 1.5, 2.5 и 3.x.

Разработчики настоятельно рекомендуют обновить плагин до последней версии, т.к. в предыдущих версиях нашлась XSS...

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Articles Count - Now for K2

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We are pleased to announce the release of a new extension. Our Articles Count module has long been a popular Joomla extension, which counts the articles in your Joomla categories, and displays them in a list with a link to the category. The categories can be displayed as a tree, showing parent-child relationships. 

We now have a new module, which does exactly the same thing, but for K2...

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Un nuovo modulo di ricerca con il completamento automatico

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AddSearch è una nuova estensione gratuita disponibile per Joomla 3 che permette di anticipare i risultati mentre stiamo ancora terminando di scrivere il termine nel modulo di ricerca.

Veloce, graficamente ben curata e semplice da integrare nel sito.

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