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Pizza, Bugs en Fun in Rotterdam, verslag van 11 juli 2014

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Een Pizza, Bugs en Fun is een Joomla bijeenkomst die wereldwijd gehouden wordt. We testen kleine stukjes code die als de test positief is, in de Joomla software worden opgenomen. De editie op 11 juli 2014 is een initiatief vanuit de gebruikersgroep Regio Rotterdam en we zijn te gast in een zaal van de RET aan de Kleiweg. De zaal en WiFi blijkt allemaal voortreffelijk geregeld door één van de...

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مبانی پشتیبان گیری یک سایت جوملایی

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همیشه تهیه نسخه پشتیبان از اطلاعات یک سایت بسیار حیاتی است. اگر اتفاق بدی برای فایل ها و یا دیتابیس بیافتد مانند حمله به سایت، تغییر و ذخیره اشتباه فایل و ... داشتن پشتیبان از فایل‌ها  و دیتابیس باعث بازگردانی اطلاعات و...

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Print a google map

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It is possible to add button or link to only print a google map, streetview and/or directions (plugin version >= 3.3).
With the parameter mapprint you can define:

  • none - no button or link so no possibility to print only the map
  • icon - a small print image
  • text - the default text of Joomla (based on the language)
  • or your own text or image for the link (html)

It has the following...

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Õpetus: Joomla! versioonihalduse kastutamine

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Kas sul juhtub aeg-ajalt saidi sisu tehes näpukaid? Või on keegi su saidi haldajatest teinud mingi näpuka? Ikka juhtub! Keegi meist pole täiuslik. Abiks on siinkohal Joomlasse sisse ehitatud versioonide haldamise võimalus.

Loe edasi...

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World Cup Final Store-Wide Sale! Save 40% on all our products.

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World Cup Final Store-Wide Sale

You can save 40% on all our templates, our clubs, our extensions, and our training. Really easy to win. Follow the next steps

  1. Add any product to cart.
  2. Enter the code: WORLDCUP (case sensitive).
  3. Get 40% taken off your ENTIRE order.

Joomla Templates, Save 40%

Get all our templates with great discounts. Check out Techie, our newest.



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Enrich your Website with GenerateCSS

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CSS has a lot of potential, and you can use it to create a whole lot of stuffs from buttons, to transition effects, and even animations. However, creating complex stuffs such as buttons and animations can be challenging and time … Continue reading

The post Enrich your Website with GenerateCSS appeared first on 'corePHP' Blog.

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Update - Cobalt v.8.565 Stable

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Here is the new version of winner Cobalt 8.565 - CCK for Joomla.

I know that many of you are busy following the FIFA World Cup. I came across a famous quote regarding football which reminds me very much on Cobalt:

Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win Gary Lineker

Let me transform it to Cobalt:

CCK is a...

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Update - Emerald v.9.266 Stable

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Here is the new version of Emerald 9.266 - Joomla membership component.

Enhance - emerald update mechanism table synchronizer

Enhanced new mechanism to update DB structure. Joomla has it's own mechanism but it was proven that with this approach you may fall into all sort of problems. For example you update extension, your ALTER queries was applied, but then something ant wrong and update...

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Notifications for your component with Jomsocial

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This Blog is specially targeted for developers and people who use Jomsocial


Jomsocial!  Which turns Joomla CMS into a full-fledged social
networking website. While using your own component with jomsocial you need to make sure that your component is tightly integrated with it and most important is you are notified with the activities happening.
In Jomsocial, notifications are shown on the...

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JoomlaDay, et si nous parlions du futur ?

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Organisation d’un JoomlaDay en France dans le cadre de l’AFUJ

APPEL à PROJET pour 2015

Vous désirez organiser un JoomlaDay car vous pensez que votre ville ou votre région serait l'endroit idéal pour réunir la communauté francophone autour de cet événement majeur.
Bravo, et si vous avez ce document sous les yeux, c'est que vous déjà pris la bonne décision de participer avec...

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