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Создана рабочая группа по Joomla 4

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Вы наверное хотите знать, будет ли Joomla 4? Сегодня стало известно, что Joomla 4 будет выпущена, и работа над ней уже началась. Сегодня было объявлено о формировании рабочей группы, которая займется работой над новой веткой...

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Call for UX Team Volunteers

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Over the past 10 years, Joomla! has evolved naturally as a solution with guidance from the many wonderful volunteers and contributors. While this has worked for us so far, in order for us to remain relevant we need to start looking outside of our volunteer groups for direction. Namely, we need to start thinking about our end users - their needs, wants, and how they actually use the CMS in...

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Joomla 3 Webmaster Course Section 2

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Section 2 of Joomla 3 Webmaster - Creating & Managing Content - is now online for members.

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Joomla! User Group Bergamo

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We are a group of Joomla! users that get together periodically for networking and to have a good time! Each meeting will involve topics that interest end users and Joomla! developers and those that are just thinking about Joomla! Our group is only as good as the people that come to our meetings! Anyone is welcome to voice their opinion, present a topic, or help out with an event. We are...
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New Video Class: phpMyAdmin

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Here at OSTraining, we teach Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and touch on other software such as Magento. All of these platforms use MySQL as their default database.

phpMyAdmin is free software, written in PHP, which makes it easy to manage your MySQL databases. phpMyAdmin is a very reliable tool when you need to directly access the data in your database.

This week's class shows you how to install...

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CMS Manager: Un componente per aggiornarli tutti!

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Ora disponibile un nuovo componente sviluppato appositamente per rendere l’aggiornamento di Joomla! e dei suoi componenti più semplice e veloce da gestire.
Si chiama CMS Manager, ed è stato rilasciato dal team di, che già aveva rilasciato, qualche anno fa, il JSP, un sistema di aggiornamento per Joomla!, il quale permetteva di verificare la versione del CMS installata ed...
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What Are the Plans for Joomla 3.5 and 3.6?

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The Joomla team released version 3.4 in February, and then there have been several smaller releases including 3.4.3 this month.

So, after a break of several months since a major release, what expectations should we have for Joomla 3.5?

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Joomla 3.4.3 vrijgegeven

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Het Joomla! project en het Production Leadership Team kondigt met trots de vrijgave van Joomla! 3.4.3, de nieuwste release uit de 3.x release serie, aan. Dit is een onderhoudsrelease voor de 3.x serie van Joomla! waarmee enkele problemen opgelost zijn die in versie 3.4.2 waren geslopen.

Wat zit er in 3.4.3?

Versie 3.4.3 lost enkele problemen op:

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Новые расширения от клубов RoundTheme и NorrNext

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В данном анонсе рассказано о новых расширениях, недавно вышедших под эгидой RoundTheme и NorrNext - российскими клубами шаблонов и расширений. Клуб R...

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JUG Breda Bijeenkomst 30 juni 2015

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Op deze warme avond hebben we Simon Kloostra te gast. We doen een korte voorstelronde omdat er drie nieuwe bezoekers zijn.

Joomla SEO – Simon Kloostra
Simon vertelt dat hij net zijn nieuwe boek uitgebracht heeft: Joomla! SEO. Dit is in het Nederlands en Engels te koop. Ook houd hij een blog bij over SEO, dit is te vinden via

Google toont allereerst de paginatitel die je...

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