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Joomla! User Group Vicenza

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We are a group of people that meet in Vicenza each second Tuesday of the month to share our knowledge of Joomla!.
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How to Uninstall Joomla Extensions

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It's always a good idea to remove Joomla extensions that you aren't using.

However, the process for removing extensions isn't obvious, unless you know how.

Here's how to uninstall Joomla extensions ...

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New Video Class: Build a Joomla Restaurant Site

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In this week's new video class, Rod demonstrates how to build a restaurant website with Joomla, in just 10 easy steps.

During the class, Rod showcases both free and paid extensions that are helpful for restaurant websites.

You'll see how to integrate your site with You'll also see how to create mouth-watering multimedia displays with videos and image galleries. Finally, Rod...

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Пересмотрен график релизов Joomla на 2015 / 2016 год

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В очередной раз пересмотрен график релизов Joomla линейки 3.x. В результате были смещены даты релизов всех версий Joomla.

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Переменные запроса и кэширование представления компонента

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Думаю, что все вы знаете о том, что представление компонента может быть закэшировано. Но все ли понимают, зачем при этом использовать переменные запроса? Давайте разберемся.

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Summer of Joomla Love - Save BIG on ALL our products

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Store-Wide Sale - Save 50%

On the eve of Joomla's 10th anniversary we launch our 4th anual, Summer of Joomla Love Sale. Save 50% on all our products.

Get all the templates, extensions & online training you always wanted. Remember you can also become an exclusive member of any of our developer clubs.

Use the code: JOOMLALOVE

 Unlimited Dev Club >> Sign Up Now

Get 12 mo of Templates +...

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Joomla! User Group Versilia

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The first of the Joomla! in Versilia, if you want to participate, share and learn how to use Joomla! becomes part of the group, we need people like you !!
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JoomFish says goodbye

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The Joom!Fish project is about 10 years old. During the last 10 years many things happened and we presented various versions of our extension. Looking back this is a great story about community, passion, visions and a great CMS called
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Gantry получил версию 1.0

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Oproep voor UX Team vrijwilligers

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Tijdens de laatste tien jaar is Joomla! op een natuurlijke wijze ontwikkeld tot een oplossing aan de hand van aanwijzingen van vele geweldige vrijwilligers. Terwijl dit tot nu toe goed heeft gewerkt moeten we, om relevant als CMS te blijven, beginnen met het verder dan deze vrijwilligers kijken. We moeten namelijk aan onze eindgebruikers beginnen te denken, wat ze nodig hebben, wat ze willen...

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