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Вышел релиз WordPress 4.5 "Coleman"

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Команда разработчиков WordPress объявила о выходе WordPress 4.5 "Coleman". Как и было запланировано, 12 апреля 2016 вышла версия WordPress 4.5, котор...

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Add Custom Javascript to Your Joomla Site

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One OSTraining member wanted to add Javascript to their site, but didn't feel comfortable enough to modify any existing files.

If you want to add custom Javascript to your Joomla site without modifying any existing files, we recommend the "Add Custom JS" plugin.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to safely load your custom Javascript.

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WordPress 4.5 глазами разработчика

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В этом материале мы рассмотрим некоторые самые значимые изменения, на которые стоит обратить внимание разработчикам в WordPress 4.5. Релиз WordPress ...

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ThemeButler forum shutting down

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After much consideration, I've decided to shut down the ThemeButler forums. The original idea was to provide a place where users of my themes could help each other out if needed, but I think it was a bit premature to setup a forum before having an active community. The main reason I setup the forum […]
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JTicketing 1.8 roadmap

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JTicketing, one of the most reliable event ticketing extension for Joomla is getting a new update soon. After a lot of feature requests and keeping the market demand in mind we have com up with these amazing additions that you'll get with JTicketing 1.8. Before you read what all is lined up for the future release, quickly have a look at features that were introduced in the last major...

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Вышел релиз Pagekit 0.11.3

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Разработчики Pagekit CMS обновили её до версии 0.11.3. Разработчики Pagekit CMS обновили её до версии 0.11.3. Исправлено: Пустая страница настроек ви...

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دانلود: جوملا 3.5.1 فارسی منتشر شد

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جوملا 3.5.1 فارسی منتشر شد. به گزارش جوملا فارسی (مترجم برگزیده جوملا در ایران) جوملا 3.5.1 اولین توزیع بومی شده جوملا 3.5 می‌باشد که با نام رُهام منتشر می‌شود.

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{loadposition} in Joomla! Module laden

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Vergangene Tage habe ich hier auf der Website rechts das News-Modul mit den Tabs überarbeitet. Bisher kam dafür das JA-Tabs Plugin zum Einsatz, dass aber MooTools benötigte und seit längerem auch Fehler in der Konsole erzeugte.

Damit ich MooTools abstellen kann, habe ich jetzt ein News-Tab Modul, dass nur mit Bordmitteln realisiert ist.

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documentazione template Orionkit-One

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Il calderone dei templates di che tutti conosciamo (se qualcuno non lo conoscesse lo trovate qui) è un’ottima risorsa per scaricare templates gratuiti per il nostro CMS preferito. Ci possiamo trovare templates rigorosamente gratuiti divisi per le varie versioni di Joomla.
Il problema è che spesso questi templates sono forniti senza alcuna documentazione, oppure con informazioni...
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Verslag JUG Breda - 29 maart 2016

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Het loopt al snel vol op onze bijeenkomst met een dubbele presentatie! Maar tellen maar liefst 24 deelnemers. Jan opent de avond en meld dat onze router aan vervanging toe is. Hij verzoekt om aan het eind een extra bijdrage voor een nieuwe wifi router te doneren.

Het Joomla backend beheer vereenvoudigen - Rick Spaan
Rick Spaan zal tijdens de Joomladagen een presentatie verzorgen die hij alvast...

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