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Clothe the needy not the greedy

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Every year I attend more tech events than I care to count and every year at this time (just before my birthday) I go through my closet, collect all the "souvenir" t-shirts and donate them to a local homeless shelter.

Official event t-shirts are a pretty cool reminder of the events that you've attended and some of them are even designed well enough that you are happy (and even proud) to wear...

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Caricare un modulo all'interno di un Componente

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In Joomla caricare un modulo è molto semplice: lo attivi, gli dai una posizione, gli dici in quale voce di menu va caricata, salvi.

In un template abbiamo tante posizioni dove poter caricare un modulo, e in ogni posizione possiamo caricare più moduli

Fin qui tutto ok, ma poi ti capita quella volta dove tutto questo non è sufficiente: e se volessimo caricare un modulo all'interno di un...

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Joomla Pizza Bugs and Fun Professionnel - automne 2014

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Depuis quelques années, Joomla organise des sessions internationales de "debug" avant chaque sortie d'une nouvelle version, afin de permettre à la communauté de donner un coup de main pour résoudre les derniers problèmes.

Cette année, avec l'avènement de Joomla 3.4 dans quelques semaines, Le PBF se transforme en "PBF Professionnel".
La raison de cette session particulière ? Donner...

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JCal Pro® Released

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Today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of JCal Pro® 3.2.16 (build 4048), which is fully compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.3!

This is a maintenance release.

This release includes fixes for various reported issues.

Most notably this release: update notice and link in dashboard, corrections in display of all day and no end date events, and ability to remove the iCal file...

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[Infographic]_Joomla 3.4: "Begin the transition."

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About Joomla 3.4 will be released with the goal is - "Beginning the Transition”. We are going to begin the process of creating a lightweight and powerful application which can be adapted easily for a variety of use cases with this updated.


About Joomla 3.4 will be released with the goal is - "Beginning the Transition”. We are going to begin the process of creating a lightweight...

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Post size validation in Joomla!

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Note: This blog is targeted towards developers.

Hey Guys,

I am blogging about "post size validation". The purpose of writing this blog is many users complain about files not getting uploaded and gives no error for that; so, if your users are having same problem you can use this code to get rid of it.

As we know if the size of post data is greater than post_max_size, the $_POST and $_FILES...

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JUGN Treffen 05/2014

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Wie jedes Jahr im Herbst, findet auch heuer ein Treffen der Joomla User Group Nürnberg im Rahmen der Nürnberg Web Week statt. Traditionell eingebettet in die mittlerweile zum 6. Mal stattfindende CMS Night, stehen am 15.10 ab 18.00 Uhr neben Joomla auch noch viele weitere spannende Themen mit dem Schwerpunkt Content-Management-Systeme auf der Agenda.

Wir thematisieren eine Stunde lang die...

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Simple Renew Beta 2 with Multiple Subscriptions

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Simple Renew is the best way to create a membership site with Joomla 2.5 or 3.

We're pleased to announce the second beta release of Simple Renew.

By default, this second beta release of Simple Renew will continue to operate just like the first beta.

However, in this new version, there is a new option called "Multiple Subscriptions". Setting this option to Yes will allow your subscribers to...

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Limited offer

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This bundle for Joomla 3.x and JomSocial 3.2.x and AlphaUserPoints 1.9.x contains:

- the plugin to get Points from JomSocial into AUP (without hack of JS  librarie)
- the module to allows import rules from JomSocial in AUP.
- the plugin for JomSocial to show a tab with total poinst and activities in JS profile
- the plugin to show AlphaUserPoints activities in Activity Stream of...

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Quick Update on Shika LMS - Awesome new changes that you will love !

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Attention everyone ! Please.. No talking between yourselves !! Haha :) did that make you remember your schooling days ? Well even your old class teacher will be blown away by what we have in store for your in the new Beta of Shika. Note that this is not a public beta yet.

The fastest way to get an overview of what's coming, is to watch our demo video below !

Rather read about it ? Click on...

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