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Beans, from a local developers perspective

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A couple weeks back I came across a comment on Sitepoint review of Beans, by local WordPress dev (and fellow convert from Joomla), Simon Dowles. I enjoyed reading about his first impressions of Beans, so I reached out and asked if he'd mind me publishing it on the ThemeButler blog. He was kind enough to agree, so without further adieux, here it is.
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How to Embed Slideshare Presentations in Joomla

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If you use Joomla, then you've had problems with embeds.

Before the launch of the OSEmbed extension, it was difficult to reliably embed any outside sources into your Joomla articles.

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how easy it is to embed Slideshare presentations into Joomla.

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Trasferire manualmente Joomla tra provider diversi.

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Molti diranno che ci sono procedure comode, tools esterni o altro.

La mia esperienza mi dice che è molto frequente avere delle situzioni in cui questi tool sono inutilizzabili.
Il tool che non si installa correttamente, il sito che volete trasferire per correggerlo dopo con il back-end inaccessibile, o semplicemente il tool che non funziona nel vostro caso.
Il database di arrivo che ha già un...

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DOCman 2.1.4 is out!

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We have worked hard over the last few months fixing bugs and making improvements to DOCman. DOCman 2.1.4 is now out with many fixes for the reported issues.

One of the notable improvements in this release is performance. We specially worked on optimizing DOCman installations with 100+ categories. Managing larger DOCman installations is now easier and...

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Verslag JUG Utrecht 11 januari 2016

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Op deze eerste bijeenkomst van 2016 mochten we een gezellige groep van zo'n 14 deelnemers verwelkomen.

Volgende bijeenkomsten

  • 8 februari: Jisse Reitsma over Plugins
  • 14 maart: Patrick Smits over LESS
  • 11 april: Frits Hamann over Big Data
  • 9 mei: Will Hanselaar over ACYMailing en Joris Lange over statistieken met Piwik

Joomla nieuws

Laatste versies:

  • Joomla 1.5.26: moet je patches voor...
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Don't Use Pixel-Width Values in HTML Tables!

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Yes, it is still acceptable to use tables in your website. Just remember to use tables for their intended purpose (showing data in rows and columns) rather than for layouts.

However, be careful when designing tables, especially when your width property uses px. Why? It can break the responsive design of your site, especially on mobile devices.

In this post, I'll show you how to fix this...

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Превосходство Joomla API над WordPress

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Есть мнение, что Joomla, плохо написанная CMS, которая имеет большие проблемы с производительностью. В этом посте будет приведен пример того, почему Joomla сейчас является одной из наиболее качественных CMS.

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Build Your Own Image Scraper with PHP

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There are various ways to scrape information from other websites, including JSON and RSS. However, it's also possible to build a scraper using PHP.

With regular expressions you can extract portions of content such as images, text and metadata.

Why would you do this? In one example, I built a WordPress site that automatically generates new posts every day by crawling the content of my Facebook...

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The Easiest Way to Switch Editor in Joomla

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When I'm using Joomla, I often need to change my editor settings.

Sometimes I'm working with HTML or CSS code, so I choose "No editor" from my account settings. Other times, I use JCE for writing blog posts.

This process is slow because it requires me to close the article I'm editing, go to my account settings to choose a different editor, and finally go back to edit my article.

In this...

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Embed YouTube Videos in ZOO and K2 with OSYouTube for Joomla

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ZOO and K2 are popular Content Construction Kits for Joomla. Both extensions have ready to use features such as social sharing, comments, custom fields management and more. 

OSYouTube by Alledia makes simple to embed YouTube videos in Joomla.

In this post, I'll show you how to easily embed YouTube videos in ZOO and K2 items.

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