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جوملا 3.4 بتا 1 منتشر شد

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جوملا 3.4 بتا 1 منتشر شد. به گزارش جوملا فارسی (مترجم برگزیده جوملا در ایران) پروژه جوملا با افتخار جوملا 3.4 بتا 1 را برای دانلود و نصب بسته به منظور ارائه تضمین کیفیت برای نسخه نهایی و پایدار 3.4 که احتمالا در تاریخ 17 فوریه...

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List of Joomla Contributors (Joomlers) On Twitter

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A “Joomler” is a person who actively contributes to make Joomla awesome. It is not only developers but designers, translators, organizers, advisors and volunteers etc.

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افزودن کاربر جدید مدیر ارشد

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بطور معمول شما می‌توانید از طریق منوی کاربران در مدیریت جوملا، نسبت به اضافه کردن یک کاربر جدید، ویرایش کاربر، حذف کاربر و یا تغییر رمز عبور اقدام کنید.

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January 20 2015 Night Out

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January Night Out at The Duke of York
January 20, 2015, 7:00PM

Quite a lunatic night - the new moon marks the end of the Wolf moon, start of the Snow moon, and a Super Moon!  Are we looney for venturing out into the cold?  Maybe, but the Duke will keep you warm, and they have their usual selection of food and drink.

Join us and talk about Joomla!, talk about what you're doing with Joomla!,...

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Not all code is created equal

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It should be no surprise that I am a supporter of the GPL licence for software. Today I would like to apologise to developers of javascript and icon libraries that I have unknowingly ripped off and defrauded.

When I download an extension licensed as GPL I know that I am allowed to use that software how and where I want. However many extensions use libraries written by others and not all...

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corephp paGo, LFI 1.0.7 and below

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Corephp paGo, ,
Developer update statement

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JUG Zuidoost-Nederland 8 januari 2015 | J2Store

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Op donderdag 8 januari 2015 liet René Kreijveld zien wat J2Store is en hoe deze extensie werkt.
Dokter Joomla! gaf antwoorden op vragen.

Volgende bijeenkomsten:

  • 12 februari 2015:
    Form2Content door René Kreijveld.
  • 12 maart 2015
  • Joomla!Dagen zijn wij aanwezig in April plannen wij geen meeting.

Wil je ons volgen op Twitter? @JugZuidOost


Joomla nieuws

Joomladagen: 11 en 12 april, de...

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EDVAS blank template pre 3.5.1

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Blank  bootstrap edition Template : Update Details


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Joomla nieuwjaarsborrel op zaterdag 17 januari in Utrecht

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Joomla gebruikers onder elkaar staat gelijk aan gezelligheid, dat is inmiddels gebleken uit de Joomla!Dagen, bijeenkomsten van de Joomla gebruikersgroepen en andere activiteiten door het jaar heen. Tijdens deze momenten dat we elkaar beter leren kennen ontstaan er regelmatig leuke nieuwe ideeën en samenwerkingen.

Het bestuur van Stichting Sympathy nodigt daarom graag alle Joomla gebruikers...

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Tooltips v3.7.9 released

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A new version of Tooltips has been released.

14-Jan-2015 : v3.7.9
+ J3 PRO Added option to remove/keep plugin syntax on disabled components
# PRO Fixed issue with disable on components option not working

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