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Wann kommt Joomla! 3.5?

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Eigentlich sollte Joomla! 3.5 seit Juni 2015 da sein. Doch damit wurde nichts. Nun scheint es so, dass man Joomla! 3.5 im November kommen wird.

So soll die neue Version Teile des neuen Routers, ein verbesserter Medienmanager (Drag/Drop) sowie das Versenden von Updateinfos per Mail enthalten.

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Job Offer: Joomla developer with strong PHP and English skills

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We are looking to hire another Joomla! developer for our team in Jensen Technologies SL in Granada, Spain.

The ideal candidate will be familiar with the Joomla MVC, Git and strong in PHP. We imagine that you may be foreign and interested in moving to sunny Granada. We search for a passionate person who is keen to learn, who is used to teamwork while still being independent and has autonomous...

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Украинская локализация Joomla 3.4.4

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Относительно недавно команда украинской JTT Joomla! Україна выпустила украинскую локализацию для Joomla 3.4.4. Обновленный пакет содержит новые параметры, исправления и рекомендован для обновления. Так же хочется заметить,...

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Verslag JUG071 Leiden

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JUG071 succesvol gelanceerd.
Op 6 oktober is de eerste bijeenkomst geweest van JUG071 met meteen een mooie opkomst: totaal 11 mensen.

De avond is begonnen met een leuke en leerzame lezing door Sander Potjer met tips en trucs, weliswaar meer voor de gevorderden maar ook de twee echte '€˜starters met Joomla'€™ hebben er hun voordeel mee gedaan. Razend snel ging het van onderwerp naar onderwerp...

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XSS Lücke in der Komento Erweiterung

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In der beliebten Kommentar-Erweiterung "Komento" von stackideas wurde eine XSS Lücke bekannt, von der die Versionen 2.0.4 oder älter betroffen sind.

Im Joomla! Vel ist die Lücke nicht gelistet, daher dieser Eintrag. Das Problem kann mit der Installation von Version 2.0.5 behoben werden.

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JTicketing 1.7 is here with exciting new features!

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Are you organizing events? Then you need to make sure that you're updated with all the news of one of the most sought after event ticketing system for Joomla. Yes, we're talking about JTicketing!

As promised we are getting you a new release and introducing some new features like automated reminders and more, to help you manage your events more efficiently.

Let’s look into the details!

Give a...

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Migrating from Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3? Let’s make your Job Simple!

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We just finished transforming one of our extension Quick2Cart from BS2 to BS3. It was a fun task to do. We thought of sharing some of the migration stuff with you.

Before starting the migration

You need to learn Bootstrap 3 coding standard, what’s new, what’s removed, major class changes.

To know everything, please go through the following guidelines and documentation links.

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Featured User: Luis Orozco

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Every month, we sit down and talk to one of our users and feature their story on our blog. This month we talked with Luis Orozco, Lead web developer, at

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Video tutorial su tre estensioni per migliorare il backend di Joomla!

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In questo video realizzato da vediamo tre estensioni gratuite per Joomla 3 adatte a migliorare l'usabilità del pannello amministratore.
Switch editor: plugin che permette di sostituire rapidamente l'editor in uso, senza dover accedere sulla Configurazione Globale del sito o ai parametri dell'utente.
Add to Menu: permette di aggiungere al menù un articolo direttamente dal...
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Custom Maps with Clickable Areas

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One of our members asked how to create a map with custom points to highlight specific areas.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create custom maps by using the Image-Maps online tool.

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