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JED Review/Vote Cleanup
Written by Matthew Baylor   
Thursday, 11 October 2012 18:57

The JED review system is one of the most debated areas of the JED between developers. One of the key areas I plan to see improved durning my tenure as team manager is a new review system.

The current review system hasn't really been improved or changed for a long time. With the size of the JED it's far past time that we explore a new system that provides users a more informative look into an extension.

As we draft a game-plan of the review system we envision, we will be taking some steps to clean up the current system and the bloated database.

On or after October 18, 2012 all votes that do not have a review attached to them will be removed.

On or after October 30, 2012 all votes/reviews that are 2+ years old will be removed.

Updated 14 Oct 12

On or after October 30, 2012 all votes that are 2+ years old will be removed, reviews will remain but votes will not be factored into the averages.

Once we have a better picture of the review system we plan to roll-out we'll blog about it and seek community feedback.

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