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A Community United
Written by Matt Lipscomb   
Sunday, 07 November 2010 02:52

Over the last five years Joomla has seen exponential growth.  We see this happening in not only the market share of sites that use Joomla, but also in the community that supports it.  Having a common goal of making Joomla better and a community structure that encourages each individual's creative spirit to be free has brought our CMS to places that were once only dreamed of.

During the joint summit in San Jose the growth and empowerment of the community was discussed.  Part of that discussion included the inherent need to document the structure and shared values for all people participating in the community.  The result of that documentation is below in the Community Code of Conduct.  Being part of a community like Joomla comes with great rewards - the largest of which is the satisfaction of knowing that you have done something positive to help society.  Anne Frank said, "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."  Each member of the community has this opportunity with Joomla.  To help bring the best positive methods of this to the forefront, this document was drafted.

Prior to this, only a Volunteer Code of Conduct existed.  What you see below has been taken from the Volunteer Code of Conduct and applied community-wide.  A seperate Volunteer Guidelines will be published at a later date for feedback and comments.  For now, however, please provide feedback and comments on this draft version of the Community Code of Conduct.  The goal is for this Community Code of Conduct to apply to all members of the community and all volunteers.

Community Code of Conduct

This document outlines the code of conduct for everyone interacting with other people on any of the official Joomla community resources. By participating, you agree to the following principles:

Be Considerate

You are interacting with people in the community, so be considerate of how your words and  actions affect others in the community.

Be Respectful

A community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one. All members of Joomla community should be respectful when dealing with others in the community as well as with people from outside projects and initiatives.

Everyone can make a valuable contribution to Joomla.  We might all experience some frustration from time to time, but we cannot allow that frustration to turn into a personal attack; disagreement is not an excuse for poor behavior or poor manners.

Avoid becoming involved in flame wars, trolling, personal attacks, and repetitive arguments that are not respectful of others’ time. Take these matters "outside" (off-list, etc) if it helps resolve the situation. Do not use community resources for personal or business arguments or agendas.

Be Straightforward

In the Joomla community it is important that you speak for yourself in discussions.  Quoting other community members is often necessary, but be considerate of the fact that context is a very important part of the meaning of what others say. Avoid quoting if it creates a different meaning than what was originally said.

Be Collaborative

Joomla is free software and about collaboration and working together. Collaboration reduces redundancy of work done. It improves the quality of the software produced regardless of whether you are writing code or performing some other task.

When you disagree, consult others. Disagreements happen all the time, and Joomla is no exception. Disagreement, debate and constructive criticism is often how progress is made and is a necessary part of doing complex work in a team. The important goal is not to avoid disagreements or differing views, but to resolve them constructively.

Above all, don't make conflicts personal. Debate should never include reference to a person’s nationality, gender, orientation, beliefs, religion or other personal characteristics.

When you are unsure, ask for help. Nobody knows everything. Nobody is expected to be perfect. Asking questions avoids many problems down the road. Questions are encouraged. Those who are asked should be responsive and helpful. Working Group Coordinators and Team Leaders may be able to help you to decide which direction will be most acceptable. However, when asking a question do it in an appropriate forum. Off-topic questions, such as requests for help on a development mailing list, detract from productive discussion.

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Phil Locke Appointed OSM's Capital Committee Chair
Written by Ryan Ozimek   
Friday, 22 October 2010 15:11

I'm pleased to announce that Phil Locke, a recent addition to the OSM Board of Directors, has been appointed Capital Committee Chair today.  His efforts will be critical to the project's success in income generation, and I'm excited to have him leading our team in this role.

Here's a quick overview of this position's responsibilities.

Capital Committee Chair

  • Leader of all income generation efforts by OSM
  • Manages a team of individuals that ensure the success of OSM's fundraising, sponsorships, advertising, and partnerships
  • Communicates with the OSM team regularly regarding the outcomes of activities
  • Liaises with the other leadership teams where appropriate to leverage internal resources in an effort to make campaigns successful
  • Liaises with the community to harvest new ideas, obtain feedback on campaigns, and spread income generating efforts wider
  • Ensures the satisfaction of our sponsors

Phil has expressed to me that he'll be following up with the community soon with his vision for immediate next steps.  Congratulations Phil, and thank you for leading up on this important effort!

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Open Source Matters Elects New Treasurer
Written by Jacques Rentzke   
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 00:00

The Board of Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM) has elected Paul Orwig as Treasurer of the organization. He replaces Steve Burge, who had been appointed as Acting Treasurer on the 10th of August 2010.

Paul has been an outstanding member of the Joomla Community and was recently appointed to the OSM board. Paul has previously been on Joomla! Community Leadership Team, the Lead editor for the Joomla! Community Magazine, and a Webmaster for the Joomla! community portal. 

The OSM board wishes to express thanks to Paul for serving in this important role and Steve for having assisted during the transition.

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JED Editor's Picks Nominations - One Week Only!
Written by Matt Lipscomb   
Saturday, 09 October 2010 00:37

The Joomla! Extensions Directory Team is proud to announce a new set of guidelines for the once Top Secret Editor's Picks!  With no new selections since 2008 and only 8 current listings, it's was past time to review our procedures and add new ones.  ThroughoutEditor's Picks discussions many ideas were brought up on how to handle the selection process.  To bring in community involvement, a nomination form has now been created.  The criteria for selection is listed on the nomnation form below.  The nomination process closes in 7 days, so make sure to get yours in quickly!

Selections will be announced by the end of October 2010 and the process will repeat every 6 months.  If an Editor's Picks is currently listed, that does not mean that it will be listed in the new round of selections.  Additionally, team members with listings in the directory have self-excluded from the selection process.  You may nominate as many as you wish!

A total selection of up to 60 Editor's Picks will be chosen (about 1% of the entire listings).

Happy nominating and good luck!

(Please note, blog comments will not be processed, discussion areas are available in the J!People site.)





What Do Microsoft and eBay Have in Common?
Written by Sam Moffatt   
Wednesday, 06 October 2010 06:38

Sitting down in the wake of Joomla! USA West 2010 I've had a bit of a chance to digest what is going on. The event, held at eBay's own eBay and Joomlacampus, was the biggest JoomlaDay's in the USA. However I now come to the realisation that now both Microsoft and eBay share something unique and awesome. What does Microsoft and eBay have in common?

Both have signed the Joomla! Contributor Agreement or the JCA. The JCA is the agreement put in place before code is contributed to the project and two of the largest companies in the technology sphere have now signed the JCA. To be honest when you sit down and think about it this is absolutely awesome and a confirmation of what we're doing with the Joomla! project.

I announced that Microsoft signed the JCA back in April and their contribution to the core was support for the cache support Microsoft provide on Windows. This code, now in the Joomla! 1.6 trunk, will hook into the Wincache extension for PHP and provide a speed boost for running Joomla! on Windows. Since then we've kept the Joomla! Web Platform installer project up to the latest version of Joomla! and it is in my mind the easiest way of getting Joomla! up and running on Windows.

Over the weekend we had the announcement that eBay has signed the JCA as well. eBay is the world's largest online marketplace and is internally using Joomla! to build their portal to help enable the organisation to be data driven through analytics. At the JoomlaDay Oliver Ratzesberger, senior director of analytics platform at eBay, demonstrated their platform utilising not only the core Joomla! product but also third party extensions such as social networking platform JomSocial, forum tool Kunena and Mosets Tree.

It is amazing to be in a world where Joomla!, a GPL project, is being contributed to by Microsoft with not only code in the Joomla! core but with members of the company providing support on the forum and are starting to write documentation on our wiki. eBay have only just come into the fold but they've been working on some very exciting stuff that I look forward to seeing in the near future. I am also excited that both Microsoft and now eBay have been supporting Joomla! events with eBay hosting and sponsoring JoomlaDay USA West in addition to Microsoft hosting the upcoming JoomlaDay New York and JoomlaDay Washington, DC events as well as sponsoring JoomlaDay's around the world such as JoomlaDay Bangkok.

At the end of the day it is great that the project that I and many others have been working on for the last half a decade is now being adopted and supported by some of the biggest companies in the world. I think that's just awesome and let's bring on Joomla! 1.6


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