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CMS Wire: Wilco Jansen: Why Community Matters at CMS Expo
Written by Amy Stephen   
Friday, 01 May 2009 02:38

CMS Wire has a nice article entitled The Joomla! Project: Why Community Matters, Wilco Jansen, CMS Expo Keynote. If anyone is able to talk about the importance of community for powering the Joomla! project, that person is Wilco. He has worked tirelessly for years to welcome community members and help each of us find a way to contribute to -- and therefore feel a part of -- the project. We have so much more to do to make certain we engage everyone who is interested in helping improve Joomla!.

In reviewing some of the video of the CMS Expo, it appears Wilco's message of community engagement was shared by Nancy Garrity of Alfresco and Larry Garfield of Drupal. Congratulations to Linda and John Coonen who appear to have boundless talent and energy for arranging this event. Everyone is raving that this was another successful, well orchestrated event.

Also wanted to note that CMS Wire is doing an outstanding job covering open source CMS projects. If it's not already a regular blog stop, I recommend adding the site to your RSS reading list. One especially well written article is Open Source: The GPL, Your CMS Project and You by Dee-Ann LeBlanc. Good insight regarding a sometimes tricky subject. Also, each month Dee-Ann is going to share "Alert: What's Coming for Open Source CMS" in the next month. If you know of something noteworthy going on, feel free to share it with me or send Dee-Ann a note, directly.