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It's Time to Vote!
Written by Ken Crowder   
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 02:50

It's that time again!

The poll is up! Get out and vote for the Joomla! Member of the Month for November 2008!






Fun beeing a Events Mentor
Written by Pete Coutts   
Thursday, 20 November 2008 11:52

A few months ago, Alex asked a bunch of J!Day Organisers if they would be able to contribute even a bit more on Event related topics, something like a Mentoring Task. Well, at this time I couldn't imagine where this will lead too. Is it just a Task that give one even more work to do?

Well, the first Task I might have failed, but any how, don't put your heads in the sand, carry on. The Second wow, it really started out to get fun, meeting people from different countries and talking to them about their ideas about an upcoming event was really fun. And at last, seeing the Announcement coming up and talking about what has been done and what has been achieved to make a great day happen. Joomla! Day Hungary 2008 Edition: was born and finally announced to the Public. A great honor for me is that I had the opportunity to choose from eight different pictures the one which will be in the announcement text. For this, I would like to thank Annamari, József and Tibor. What a great experience for me, even if the Team from Hungary already Organized J!Day in the past.

The next event is already on its way to come, and also our own, Joomla! Day in Switzerland, the first ever. But beside that I'm also engaged with a well known member of the community, Andy Wallace, aka Humvee, who is currently in the Lead for the next Joomla! Day in the UK. Seeing what he came up already makes me willing to travel to good old Britain to attend this event. Really looking forward to get in contact with more of willing people Organising there own Local Events!






Becoming a contributor...
Written by Amy Stephen   
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 02:42

I have been a member of the Joomla! Community for three years. When I think back on what we have been through as a project, I have mixed emotion about how changes have impacted us. I have worked very closely "on the inside" of the project this past year and I am impressed with the dedication, the intelligence, and the efforts of our contributors. It is a fine group of people and I am proud of my association with this project.

As a member of the Communications Team, I think a lot about how best to encourage the growth of our community.

We will always need to strengthen our contributing community. It is due to the efforts of these volunteers that Joomla! innovates forward. We need people to help in the forums, to write documentation, to find and fix bugs, to write core code, to test, to implement unit testing, to build important, strategic extensions with others, to provide translation services, to organize Joomla! Users Groups and Joomla! Day events, and to contribute funds.

Every group has its rules. These boundaries communicate expectation, and compliance shows respect to the group, which in turn helps keep the group productive and happy. From my perspective, if you want to participate as a contributor on the Joomla! project, there are four basic rules:

1. Respect Joomla!'s license.

2. Respect Joomla!'s copyright.

3. Comply with Ian's rule - "Don't be an ass."

4. Try to give something back.

Not everyone agrees with these rules, and that's cool. We are not all going to agree and each of us must decide whether or not we are willing to comply with the group norms. Joomla! is not the only project to get involved with and finding a good fit is key.

Everyone is free to download Joomla! without cost and without any requirement to contribute. Many of us choose to contribute because we want to be a part of what we believe is a worthwhile and noble project. Those who participate see personal benefit. For some, it might be good for business. For others, it could help with individual growth and learning. Others consider working with the project a fabulous hobby. Others still enjoy the sense of belonging. For most, it's a combination of these reasons.

I hope you consider contributing. I strongly recommend it. If you want to play a bigger part, first consider if you can live within those guidelines. If those rules work for you and you have a desire to get involved, let someone know, we would love to help you find a place you can use your gifts.






Forum upgrade
Written by Robin Muilwijk   
Monday, 17 November 2008 11:23

We are currently updating the forum software, it should be back up soon. Apologies for any inconvenience.

The Site & Infrastructure Team






Joomla! gatgets at the first ever Swiss Joomla!day
Written by Wilco Jansen   
Sunday, 16 November 2008 00:43
On Saturday I joined in on the first ever Swiss Joomladay in Luzern. As I stated in my previous post the Joomla!days are great events, the Swiss Joomla!day is no exception on this! I arrived on Friday evening, evading a French strike and was welcomed by the Swiss Joomla!day team (Pete Coutts, Rafael Steinhöfel and Christiane Viatte). I joined with Leo Unglaub and Ivo Apostolov and where visiting the music group where Pete does perform (he actually is a good drummer). I had to wear ear protection because of the impressive sound of the drums, the image presented is the actual costumes his group use when they perform during carnaval.

After a very short sleep we got up pretty early (5:45 am) and traveled from Basel to Luzern, setting up the Joomla!day. I was asked to give two presentations in the morning, and in the evening we would have a panel discussion with the community members and the people who gave the presentations on the Joomla!day. My first presentation had the following title: "Joomla! 1.5 and roadmap to future versions". Part of this presentation was already given by me during the Dutch Joomla!day in April, but the specific details about Joomla! 1.6 where certainly new. The most interesting new parts I was telling about are the planned Access Control List (ACL) feature, the improved updater and the code re-factory to E-STRICT.

During the second sessions I handled "Joomla! security". I basically followed the Joomla! security checklist on the documentation wiki, but given the time I basically handled the highlights. The reason I choose to do a session about Joomla! security is because this topic pops up a lot lately, leading to some intense debates. I started with finding the answer if "Is Joomla! secure?" and "Is the world wide websafe?". The best way I could compare Joomla! security was with comparing it with having unsafe-sex. When you don't take pre-cautions you could end up with a serious disease, with Joomla! security in general it's the same. Without taking pre-cautions you risk getting your site compromised. For people who are interested in the actual presentations, I advise them to just follow the links in this article. Also notice the several links in the presentation that are crucial for making your site secure. A good piece of documentation to start is the Joomla! security checklist.

The afternoon session was with the team of presenters, which was moderated by Hagen Graf (author of several Joomla! related books). We received several question on different topics. Something that is really amazing is the amount of team spend on the project, varying from 10 till 30-40 hours! I also received the obvious question when we will release Joomla! 1.6 and how future versions of Joomla! would look like. I was joking around about Joomla! 5.0 and explained how the development cycle will look like. Starting with an Alpha (feature complete, but API still can change), Beta (feature complete, API frozen) and release candidate (features frozen, API frozen, stabilisation).

I had a great day, the Joomla!day was organized in a very professional way...I ended up eight memory sticks (all with Joomla! 1.5.7 pre-installed, yes I need to upgrade), some Joomla! t-shirts, a Joomla! sweater and new friends. I am honored to have been part of this first ever Swiss Joomla!day and want to thank Pete, Rafael and Christiane for inviting me.

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