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1.5.4 Duplicate Titles
Written by Anthony Ferrara   
Thursday, 10 July 2008 13:32

Many community members have pointed out an error in 1.5.4 with duplicate titles. This issue affects both content and contact views (article layout, and contact detail layout to be specific). We are aware of the problem and are working on a clean, simple way to rectify it. The plan is to fix this issue and release 1.5.5 in the coming weeks. Until then, you can use a layout override in the template to bypass the issue.






Sites and Infrastructure Workgroup Welcomes 5 New Forum Moderators
Written by Wendy Robinson   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 04:59

Our community is growing! 

This past week we not only saw our 200,000th member sign up, but also we were joined by five new forum moderators. 

It is my pleasure to announce and welcome the addition of:

Kasper to the Danish forum who came highly recommended by long time Danish forum moderator, Simon ,  and Emerson to the Portuguese forum on recommendation of Ronildo who recently stepped down from the Mod team to pursue other endeavours in the Joomla!Sphere.   Thank you Ronildo for your time spent volunteering on the Forum Workgroup! 

As well, we are joined by Sherif and Yasser.  These two fellows will be helping out in the Arabic forum.  They were hand picked by fellow Arabic forum moderators, Eyad and Ahmad

Most recently Laurelle came on board to help out in the 1.5.x and 1.0.x support boards on the General Support Moderators group.  I had the pleasure to meet Laurelle in Vancouver at Joomla!Day on June 14.  She has been quite active in the support forums lately answering user questions and offering her experience to the community. 

A huge thanks to all of you for joining us as moderators!  I know you will make great additions to our team. 






200 000 Members On Our Forum
Written by Brad Baker   
Tuesday, 08 July 2008 21:48

We did it!
Today our 200 000th member joined the forum. It's just another milestone, and doesn't tell the whole story. Suffice to say though, it is a reflection on how popular Joomla! is.

As a side note, all members of our forum who register and do not activate their account within 2 weeks are removed from our database. So unlike other sites, our membership figures are accurate in that sense. We also don't allow duplicate accounts.


PS Have you seen the excellent tutorials that have started up here: ? I am sure someone else will blog about them soon enough to give them some more publicity. 






Help screens SQL dump file now available
Written by Chris Davenport   
Monday, 07 July 2008 15:41

The Documentation Working Group is pleased to announce the availability of the recently completed Joomla! 1.5 help screens in the form of an SQL dump of the live help screens hosted on  The file is available here:

With this file you can quickly and easily set up a local help server to

  • Serve help screens from a server on your local intranet instead of
  • Customise the appearance of the help screens, for example, by adding a corporate logo or using a template that matches your own site style.
  • Use the English help screens as a starting point for a translation of the help screens into another language.

Please read the instructions for setting up a local help server.

The Joomla! 1.5 help screens and the SQL dump file are made available under the terms of the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License.






Closing Issue 8369
Written by Elin Waring   
Monday, 07 July 2008 03:46

For a long time the oldest unresolved issue in the tracker was # 8369 "Issues with Page Title and Menu Item Layouts." It went into the tracker on December 12, 2007 and  and was actually based on a forum report from June 2007.  I look at the oldest issues in the tracker pretty regularly and this one was really bothering me. Leandro Bergantiños had done a tremendous amount of work just to write the report which makes it just the kind of report that is usually easy to deal with. In the forum Johan said it was important for it to be dealt with before RC2 and then according the the tracker Louis was going to deal with it in January, so plenty of coding power there. Why wasn't it fixed?

So, I decided to really try to understand what Leandro was showing with his spreadsheet. It took me a while to understand what he had discovered. It turned out that there was a tremendous amount of inconsistency in how the menu title parameters were  being handled. In some cases they were being completely ignored.

So then I thought that maybe the issue had been fixed piecemeal, and it was the case that there were a number of reports about issues relating to titles and specific types of menu links. So I recreated Leandro's spreadsheet by looking at each core menu link type. Wow did that give me an appreciation for the work Leandro had done. There are 25 core views and each one had to tested with the 4 possible combinations of "Show Title" (yes or no) and Page Title (blank or not blank). And you had to look two places, at the page title and at the browser or blue bar title. Strangely enough, not that many people volunteered to help me with this.

Once that was done, I realized that before any code was changed what was actually needed was to decide what the intended behavior was. This is an issue that is really important to people like me who are webmasters, but maybe not so very interesting to others, so for a while I felt like I was waving my hands and no one was paying attention. Except, Ian was, so finally I had someone to discuss it with. We looked the spreadsheet over together and came up with some proposed rules. For example, when Show Page Title is set to no, no title should show on the actual page.  Also, when text is entered in the Page Title field and Show Page Title is set to yes, that text should be used.  When the page title is shown, the browser title and the page title should be the same.

Then Ian began to look at the code. Well to make a very long story short, the final patch file has 1199 lines in it. Creating that was a huge job and Ian should get at least an extra week's pay as a bonus for doing it. :)  Third party developers will want to look at that file to see how to make changes so their components behave in the same way as the core components.

Then JBS started testing like crazy. Again, this was really time consuming because of the 100 possible combinations of links and parameters. Thanks especially to Amy for helping with this multiple times as fixes were made to the patch.

Then, we thought we were done, but we realized that because some of the layout over rides in Beez and JA Purity used the old code, we had to decide whether to make changes in those. The whole point of a layout over ride is that a designer can change how the parameters (among other things) work. After some consultation with Jennifer who besides bug squading spends a tremendous amount of time moderating and helping people in the template forums, we decided that they should behave in the same way on this as the core.  So, off to make two more patch files, test them, and we were finally done.

Never was I so happy to see an issue marked "Fixed in SVN."

Amazingly, the next oldest open  issue (9701) was submitted February 10, more than two months after 8369. Wow.

Thanks to everyone who helped to put this one to bed.



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