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Thank You SysAdmins !!
Written by Mike Veeckmans   
Friday, 31 July 2015 00:00

SysAdmin Day

Your network is secure, your computer is up and running, and your webserver is still online. Why? Because you’ve got an awesome sysadmin (or maybe a whole IT department) keeping your business up and running. So say IT loud; say IT proud …






The Marketing Working Group is looking for a Creative Lead Designer
Written by Mike Veeckmans   
Thursday, 30 July 2015 15:52

Are you a creative person that is able to manage projects and deliver them on time? Do you like working with a team of talented designers?

Our Marketing Team is looking for a creative and experienced Lead Designer.

The Marketing Team is underneath the Community Leadership Team. We work closely with the Production Leadership Team and Open Source Matters and all areas of the project. The lead designer will have a major influence on marketing materials and websites.

You will:

  • Work with a team of talented designers that is capable of creating the finest possible visuals
  • Provide direction and support to the design team
  • Ensure that the design team works in the most efficient manner
  • Take part in our weekly meeting to improve the design product
  • Identify marketing initiatives and opportunities
  • Play a crucial role in elevating our reputation
  • Develop templates and documentation that aid all parts of the Joomla project
  • Inspire and motivate!

Key requirements:

  • 7 years design experience, both in digital and in print 2-3 years experience managing a team of designers
  • Proficient in designing for the web, mobile and other connected devices
  • A strong portfolio of personal design work, demonstrating your unique style and creativity
  • Experience working with leading brands. Strong, motivational leadership skills
  • An interest in Open Source philosophy and not-for-profit initiatives and organizations
  • Excellent knowledge of English (and any other extra language! We are an international project!).
  • Aware of other cultures
  • Good listener
  • Able to work remotely with volunteers from all around the world
  • You must be someone who is always on-hand to support their team

What we offer:

  • Leading and volunteering for the award-winning CMS
  • Be on a team that is passionate about design and marketing
  • Have a meaningful impact on Joomla's future
  • Build the experience that powers 3% of the web
  • Your work will be showcased to a worldwide audience
  • Possibility to take part in our annual conference
  • An amazing team that will support you and trust your choices and skills

Interested? Then fill out this short form right away and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible!






Joomla changes URL shortener
Written by Mike Veeckmans   
Thursday, 23 July 2015 00:00

The url shortener was changed recently to a YOURLS setup which provides us with a higher level of customisation. The Team has, to our knowledge, exported all former short URLs however we may have missed some.






Call for UX Team Volunteers
Written by Crystal Harris   
Friday, 17 July 2015 15:27

Over the past 10 years, Joomla! has evolved naturally as a solution with guidance from the many wonderful volunteers and contributors. While this has worked for us so far, in order for us to remain relevant we need to start looking outside of our volunteer groups for direction. Namely, we need to start thinking about our end users - their needs, wants, and how they actually use the CMS in their day to day.

To kick off this process, we are rebooting the currently inactive Joomla! UX Team. This team is underneath the Production Leadership Team, and our first project will have major influence in how Joomla! 4 looks and functions from an end-user standpoint.

To make this happen, we need volunteers! Particularly those who have experience in one or more of the following:

  • Enterprise UX (this is a big one!)
  • User research & user testing
  • UX Strategy
  • UI Design
  • International accessibility standards
  • Interaction Design


If you have experience in those areas, please fill out the form at the following link:






Joomla Code of Conduct Update - Community Feedback
Written by Ruth Cheesley   
Friday, 29 May 2015 14:10

At the Joomla! World Conference in November 2014, a team was tasked by the Leadership Summit with reviewing and updating the Joomla! Code of Conduct which is presently available at

The team has worked since that date to update and refine the Code of Conduct, taking into account the rise of social media and the need to update the policy in line with the size and diversity of our community.

Research has been carried out which includes drawing from how other Open Source projects manage volunteer and leadership conduct, identifying example policies, reviewing procedures for dealing with breaches of policies, and identifying what might be the most appropriate way of deciding and implementing sanctions at varying levels.

Following a two week period of feedback from the Leadership Teams, we now request feedback from the Joomla! community for a further period of two weeks, where we welcome comments on the base English language document and translated versions.

To access the base document, please visit: - translated versions will be linked to from this document.

If you would like to help translate this document into your language, please join the translation room on Glip by visiting and signing up for an account, then join the room called ‘Translation Room’. The team will be able to support you in translating the document.

Community feedback will be open until Friday, 12th June 2015 at which point the final version of the Code of Conduct Policy will be presented to the Leadership Teams for formal adoption by vote. If you would like to make suggestions, please use the ‘comment’ feature on Google Docs. For further discussion please use this forum post:


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