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Infographic: 10 new features of Joomla! 3.2
Written by Sander Potjer   
Thursday, 21 November 2013 20:00

On November 6th the Joomla Project and Community announced the availability of version 3.2 as a stable release. With about 600 new features and bug fixes, version 3.2 is the biggest release of the CMS ever. In the infographic below 10 new features of Joomla 3.2 are highlighted, Something New for Everyone

10 new features of Joomla! 3.2

Feel free to share the inforgraphic with your friends on your own blog or website! You can also download a large version of the inforgraphic.

Thank you Dinh Viet Hung and the JoomlArt team for creating this infographic.






Marketing Materials for Joomla! 3.2
Written by Sander Potjer   
Thursday, 07 November 2013 19:00

Yesterday the Joomla project released Joomla 3.2. Joomla 3.2 is truly a Something New for Everyone release. We have some marketing materials ready for you to share the exciting new features of Joomla 3.2.

Joomla 3.2 main image



Click here to download this image.

Joomla 3.2 banners


We have created Joomla 3.2 banners in several sizes that you can use:

Joomla 3.2 Video Tutorials

The video tutorials below include first hand descriptions and/or illustrations of several of the most popular new features given by the developers themselves. 






Joomla 3.2 Video Tutorials
Written by Ryan Bernstein   
Wednesday, 06 November 2013 16:10

There have been a record number of new features added to Joomla! 3.2 making today’s release the most functional and easy-to-use version of Joomla ever. With over 1,000 new commits coming from more than 50 different contributors, the much anticipated 3.2 version offers everything from UI/UX enhancements, version history and improved security measures.  

Additionally, the long-awaited “app-store”, which has been nicknamed the “Joomla Extension Finder”, is now an optional feature of 3.2. The tutorials below include first hand descriptions and/or illustrations of several of the most popular new features given by the developers themselves. 

Content Versioning


User Interface & User Experience Enhancements


Joomla Extension Finder


2 Step Authentication


Multilingual Site Automatic Installer


Module ACL


Rapid Application Framework


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Registered Joomla User Group Team announces new members
Written by liam.mandville   
Monday, 14 October 2013 18:55

The Joomla Registered User Group team is pleased to announce that the following new members have agreed to join the team.

Max Lynam
Son Koral
Saurabh Shah
Alejandro Pascoli
Guillermo Bravo

The team will be lead by Liam Mandville and assisted by Ruth Cheasley as CLT liason.

We would like to thank all those who applied for the advertised positions within the team and hope you can wish the new members well in their training and future within the JUG team.

The JUG team would also like to announce the implementation of the new help desk system available on to assist the new members in cross working with other teams eg Events and Trademark.
You can also follow new Registered JUG's on

The new members bring a wealth of experience from other teams and languages that will help improve the processing of Registered Joomla User Groups and respond to questions regarding existing ones.

Any questions can be addressed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or via the ticket system.







The potential of Joomla 3.2
Written by Nick Antimisiaris   
Monday, 02 September 2013 00:00

The Joomla! feature tracker is on fire and filled with awesome new features that might well tip the scale in the open source CMS market.

In true Joomla - all together - spirit everyone has been contributing to make our CMS even better and friendlier for first-time, intermediate, advanced and expert users.

As of yesterday, the project area has 70 new features marked as ‘Ready for review’ or ‘Pending’. There are some very high potential features that will surely change the way people see and use Joomla.

The new features that are in the pipeline target many different perspectives as they address user interface improvements, missing enterprise functionality and new possibilities for third party extensions.

The following is just a randomly ordered short list of what may be considered as major potential new features that may be included - if you help the process - in the next Joomla 3.2 release:

  • Content versioning for Joomla articles and article categories addresses a very important and popular feature request as it lets you store and retrieve different versions of your Joomla articles.
    Relevant tracker item: 30944
    Relevant content: video preview

  • JUX team improvement features strive to provide a better user-experience for beginners and advanced users in the administration area thanks to a simpler, cleaner and more focused layout, which highlights important settings and controls and removes clutter.
    Relevant tracker items: 31858, 31859, 31860, 31863, 31864
    Relevant content: JUX sitevideo preview

  • Joomla! "app store" - help us find a better name - that allows users to search for and install extensions directly from the administrator interface.
    Relevant content: Joomla Apps Architecture and UX Design (Google doc), App Store Study Group, video preview

  • Improved template manager (GSoC 2013) with built-in file manager and editor lets administrators manage, clone and modify their Joomla themes from the administration panel.
    Relevant tracker item: 31266
    Relevant content: video preview

  • Rapid Application Framework (Joomla! RAD) is a development layer that makes Joomla extension development easier and faster.
    Relevant tracker item: 31844
    Relevant content: Joomla! RAD Requirements (Google doc)

  • Two factor authentication for Joomla
    Relevant tracker item: 31704
    Relevant content: Two factor authentication testing instructions (pdf file)

  • Ajax interface for Joomla
    Relevant tracker item: 31800
    Relevant content: Joomla Ajax Interface (Google group discussion)

This is only a small subset of new features earmarked for inclusion in Joomla 3.2. You can see all features on the Joomla Features Tracker and make your own short list!


Are you excited? How can I help, you ask?

Join the Joomla! Bug Squad (JBS) and help the testing process. There is a great new tool to help you test new pull requests. To test a feature, just download the patchtester component and test immediately any feature directly from the latest corresponding github version for the corresponding pull-request !

Once done testing, simply reply to the tracker item (registration on joomlacode.code required) and reply with your tests in details, preceeded by a @test success or failed line! Each feature request needs at least 2 successful tests (the more the better) to be included. So you can make a big difference now for 3.2 with only a small time investment.

If you are a Joomla user and rely on Joomla for your websites, then help yourself now by testing today features and code that you will be using tomorrow. The more we test, the more new quality features will get into Joomla 3.2.

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