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August 2008

2008-08 Joomla! Community Magazine

Joomla! Community Magazine - Learning

Introductory: Learning Joomla! using Sample Data

All you need for this lesson is available in each Joomla! download

Written by Mark Dexter
Introductory: Learning Joomla! using Sample Data
First Change
Some Jargon Explained
Adding an Article
Registration and Login
More Cool Modules
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Of all of the resources available to help a new user learn Joomla!, my favorite is the Joomla! Sample website. Why? Because it lets you see how a working site is built. With the sample website, you can see how the site is written in Joomla! and how it looks to the user. You can also make changes to the site and see what the changes do. In this article we will take a tour of the Joomla! sample website and see what it can teach us about Joomla!.